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The Heroes Guild (Friendly/Social)(New Players Welcome!)

  • Zillaha
    Soul Shriven
    Vet 160 played on an off since beta. Still learning the changes
  • ChadVVicked
    @AlphaCrucis @pjkreese @Riny01 @shadowff302 @Zillaha

    Hey guys, I will send you an invite when I jump online this afternoon. I am going to be on playing this weekend so hopefully, I will get to talk to you all in game. Just let me know if you need anything or have any questions and I will be happy to help any way I can!
  • Suvian
    Soul Shriven
    Id like to join if youd have me a im level 24 new player just started a bit over a week ago
    PSN Nyx-sama
  • blackdow74
    Soul Shriven
    hello everybody. im 44 years old and new to ESO. I have a lvl 24 orc, he's a two hander. I would like to find people to play with. if you think I would be a good fit I would like to join your guild. my psn is BlackDow74.
    Edited by blackdow74 on April 24, 2019 8:15PM
  • BlackStar300
    I would like an invite to test the waters. I'm a returning vet player after 8 months and looking for something like this. Ran a guild awhile back that shared some of these qualities.

    I fancy a good dungeon and can help. I am trial knowledgeable but rather dislike trials but CAN do them if I'm feeling it...

    PSN is BlackStar300 (the L is an i)
  • oldscandalman_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Experience- Returning after a few years so kind of new, still below 200 CP.
  • pyrometheus
    If you’re still recruiting could I get an invite? CP 400 something

    Psn- Xx__TheCrow_xX
  • keerk
    Soul Shriven
    My psn is Jedi_728

    I’m a former WOW player but a new eso player, I’m currently lvl 15 and learning everything this great game has to offer (which is a lot lol). I’m a casual player with full time job, just wanna learn the intricacies of the game and have have fun.
  • ileasure112
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join your guild
    I’m new to eso just looking for some good people to play with
  • Tafvsulke
    PSN- Rykko-1020

    CP 459
    Mostly play templar and wardens in healing, tank or support roles. This Sounds like exactly the kind of guild I've been wanting to join.

    If it helps I have 9+ years of PvP/PvE experience from WoW and 1 year RIFT.
  • marktown
    Soul Shriven
    PSN name is Marktown
    ESO character is Markle Slapnuts

    Old guy looking for chill people to play with. Was a Templar back in the day, but its been a year or so so I’m starting a new Dragon Knight to relearn the game. Would love to be a part of what you’ve got going on.
  • stormgard88
    Soul Shriven
    Greetings. I have been playing for about two months now, and I have been running with a great guild of good people. Due to my work schedule being wierd, I was looking for another group to run with as well. I am not a big fan of PuGs.

    PSN: Stormgard88
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