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"Messages Across Tamriel" Broken Quest

Soul Shriven
So I am currently doing the "Messages Across Tamriel" questline.
My current objective is "Enter Vanus Galerion's Portal"
The portal was created but I didn't enter because I wanted to go to my friend first and complete this later.
When I returned to the Mages Guild in Daggerfall I saw the icon on the floor but there was no portal (better explained in the screenshot provided).
I have no way of continuing the main quest because there is no portal.
I've tried restarting (for longer than 15 min), re-entering the guild, cant abandon the quest (mainquest) etc.
I have tried to contact the Bethesda/ ESO Support with tickets, on twitter, in game etc.
Their customer support is absolultely trash; I get the same stupid messages telling me to ask the forum. They take no time to read my message
I don't know what do, please help, thank you.
  • Michuul
    Soul Shriven
    The Screenshot
    Edited by Michuul on July 8, 2018 7:53PM
  • BlackTheDivine
    Soul Shriven
    I'm also having this issue, it's made me stop playing the game for months now.
  • wardropper
    Soul Shriven
    This is a very late reply, but it might help others... I'm in the Daggerfall Covenant alliance, so I just went to the Mages' Guild in Daggerfall. The portal was inside on the right.
    (It's like there's been a mix-up with alliances, and following the icon you mentioned led me a merry dance all over Tamriel before I read something that reminded me where I was when Vanus opened the portal...)
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