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More collectibles and limited-time events

So during the times of my childhood I used to play an mmorpg call Adventure Quest Worlds, it was a pay-to-win garbage mmo meant for kids, and indeed I was one. I also didn't pay any money so that means almost everything that was nice was also off-limits for me. The one thing that kept me playing that game was the fact that they updated the in-game world with events that made the game feel very dynamic. They did this by adding in quests every 2 weeks - 1 month which were all part of a certain questline. Another thing they did right, imo, was they had a bunch of rare cosmetics which could only be earned in-game and were a hell of a grind. The grind showed the players dedication to the game.

Fast-forward slightly-less-than-a-decade. I have a new favorite mmorpg, The Elder Scrolls Online. It has everything, except for decent servers but that's somewhat understandable because of it being a new technology and all that. The only major problem with it in my opinion: It feels stagnant. Nothing happens in the world, except for a chapter that is released once a year and events which make you do the same repetitive crap over and over. (Example: witches festivel -> go kill same dungeon boss over and over again to get some loot drop).

What I'm really asking for is some stuff you have STARTED doing but there is just not enough of. I want the game to feel more alive, like whenever I log on it feels like something new is happening through means of quests and events which push the story forward. I would also like players to be rewarded more for the grind the put in not just through a title or only rewarding players for beating vet trials. I want more stuff like the skyforge hammer. I want rewards for getting achievements.


- For the achievement you get for killing a *** ton of mudcrabs players could unlock a staff outfit pieces which is something like "Staff of The Mudcrab Vanquisher " and it's a staff with with a tip that looks like a mudcrab claw.

- For the "Tremendous Healer" Achievement players could unlock a healing staff outfit item which isn't a staff but restorative-looking light surrounding their arm. Kind of like this( Please ignore the bad editing it was done in MS Paint :persevere:):

Another thing that you did really well imo is the vHoF fabricant drop (The polymorph which makes you look like a fabricant) and how you made something similar available in the crown store. The two items weren't the same so the people who grinded the drop didn't feel like their work was undermined and at the same time everyone got the opportunity to dress up like a fabricant. I would more stuff like this with items such as the shadowrend axe and the ilambris sword. I feel as though those two things should be rewards for beating all the achievements for their respective dungeons rather than Items for the crown-store. The crown-store should have somethings similar but not the same so players are properly rewarded for their hardwork and grinding.

PC NA - @Solohope

Feel free to send me any of your excess gold and items XD
  • Yigrok
    If you want any new limited items or mementos/pets/costumes, please expect them to come as a limited item in a crown store near you.
  • adriant1978
    Do you mean time limited as in around a certain time like Halloween but repeated every year, or as in you get one chance and then it's over never to come again? The latter is really annoying to newer players or if you just happen to miss it for some reason and can then never get the reward because it's "exclusive".
  • lnsane
    Do you mean the sort of Dynamic Events that GW2 has (or something similar)? Like, when a certain amount of heroes enter a specific area / after a certain amount of time has passed, it triggers something cool? A tough boss to fight against, a puzzle to solve, etc.. & with nice rewards of course! Would be amazing to run into those things in ESO. :)

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  • Haenk
    I started my MMO career by playing ClanLord (which is still active, after 20 years!).
    One of the fun aspects were more-or-less frequent "World Invasions", GM-based events with massive monster invasions, fights often lasting for multiple hours.
    I assume the GM-part would be difficult due to phasing, but an automated invasion would still be a lot of fun. Imagine Belkarth oder Craglorn being completely overrun and players would have to fight for hours to reconquer the area. Roaming monsters, of course.
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