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Questions of known assets and future unannounced DLC

So with the release of Summerset and announcement of Murkmire all the leaked/shown/datamined assets that I know of have been used. I'm mostly speaking of Spiral Skein assets used in Summerset and Murkmire assets that we've known about for well over a year now.

Now I've not finished Summerset so I was wondering is there any content that we KNOW is coming in the future? Idk if all Mephala assets have been used or if the skein could be future dlc or if there was any other assets in circulation?

Facts only for existing assets no speculation please =P
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  • LapisLazuli99
    Also the only existing assets I know of is that spell crafting had semi working models at one point.
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  • grizzledcroc
    Spell crafting did during the dragon bones update get new podeium assets added in. Plus right before summerset got datamine it was suggested that murkmire was coming this year without any actual assets. So unsure how they did that.
  • LapisLazuli99
    I know most of the murkmire footage they revealed at E3 is actually polished old footage from way way back. I didn't know about Dragon Bones containing anything though.
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