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State of BGs performance on Console...

✭✭✭ just awful. If you go in there in a premade group of four you can count on one of your party members either crashing or getting into an infinite loading screen that will then kick them for inactivity. The cherry on top is when they return you must wait an additional 20 minute penalty time. "Playing BGs" with a group usually just turns into fishing in Summerset waiting for group member's penalty cool downs. Then when you are actually in the BG you have to deal with flashing invisible players that you can't target, unbalanced groups, and the horrible proc meta. Some of the combat issues and unbalance could be forgiven if the game played well. But fighting through crashes and endless load screens is getting old. How hard is it to load in 12 players to one of those maps? Every shooter ever does that on a scale 1000x larger everyday with no issues. Anyone else feel the same about BG performance?
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