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Does the lich restoration staff still exist in the game?

I've been trying for weeks to get the staff while doing Crypt of Hearts, up to no avail, and I'm wondering if it still exists in the game. If so, who drops it? I've read conflicting responses from those who said it exists, and those who said it doesn't exist anymore.
  • GHOST 007
    GHOST 007
    I got several recently
  • Koolio
    Bought one a long time ago for my first
    Farmed last boss 100 times for number 2
    Got a third from needing second set of jewelry
    Fourth was from an advanced chest

    I did get at least 1 more that I have to a friend who needed his 2nd. He got his first for farming almost 3-4 a week for 6 months.
  • starkerealm
    I have one I got within the last couple months.
  • Left4Daud
    I have a few - got one even recently. Per your question, weapons drop from the final boss in the dungeon and have a chance to drop in the few chests that spawn per instance.

    Don’t give up, skeleton!
  • Karivaa
    Lol got one ages ago from cyrodiil dolmens.
  • starkerealm
    The destruction staves are easier to obtain. I think this is equal parts because there are more of them, and there are multiple, unique destruction staves. Including an ice staff, I believe.
  • Ankael07
    Make sure to unlock the treasure chest passive in CP and open every chest you find in the dungeon. There are 2 chests in random locations in the dungeon.
    If you want me to reply to your comment type @Ankael07 in it.
  • Stinkyremy
    I have quite a few, but getting powered seems rare.
    The ebon shield drop is the rarest imo. I got an infused shield recently and was very happy
  • GhostOfAnEra
    Good to hear that the staff still exists. I had more luck getting the doomstaff (have a couple) than the restro staff
  • Koolio
    Good to hear that the staff still exists. I had more luck getting the doomstaff (have a couple) than the restro staff

    Named drops drop very often. Chests should honestly be a pretty good priority. There should be 2 per dungeon. Also check adds. It can drop from them just very unlikely. However my girlfriend got me multiple pieces from adds including my last purple Amberplasm ring I needed.
  • Vapirko
    It took me a few weeks of farming to get it. I was doing a few runs a day most days of the week, I don't like to exhaust myself. Just take your strongest toon, go to normal and kite straight through to the bosses as fast as you can as only the last boss will drop it. It's that stupid RNG. If you don't need it they drop like pine needles. Decide you want one and you can do twenty runs or more. The only good news is that you can pretty easily solo this dungeon so you're free to run it as you like. Even the last boss only takes a short time to kill with a decent rotation and setup.
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  • Tasear
    Class Representative
    Yea got one on first run while working on PvP healer.
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  • Tostiee
    I farmed ons a few days ago, got it in like an hour or so. So its still there, it drops from the last boss
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  • Feanor
    They do exist. It’s just that the loot table isn’t that generous. I got a Bow of the Lich last time. Simply wonderful.

    FYI look out for chests too. They can drop weapons as well.
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  • Massive_Stain
    I was gearing myself up for farming one for my PvP build one day and the very first instance I went into I received a powered one at last boss. Yes, they exist
    I'm a Banana fore life
  • DurzoBlint13
    anyone else remember how hard getting Dylora's staff was? (back before 1T)
  • Aerithone
    got one in previous week from trashpack in nCoH1.
    48 lvl((((
    I will show you fear in a handfull of dust.
  • laksikus
    i got 3 :>
    2 normal lichs and one dylora :P
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