Will Magicka DK get a buff?

I'll be the first to admit I don't understand much of the numbers behind certain mechanics and why this is better than that. What I do know though is Magicka DK are generally looked down on because they aren't so great with DPS as a Magicka Sorc is. So I'm curious if Magicka DK are getting a buff next update and what I should look for.
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  • Oreyn_Bearclaw
    If the PTS went live as is, mDK is close to first place again. I think mageblade in the right hands is winning, but mageblade is a strange bird. Their potential is off the charts, but they are so much harder to play than any other class at the extreme end of things regarding their rotation. For example. Take 100 random players from all walks of life in this game and give them each a mSorc and an mNightblade as is on live right n now. Even though the NB is going to post the highest numbers, the average person is going to pull more on a sorc. You push half as many buttons for 95% of the damage.

    Maybe getting a little off topic, but if the wind keeps blowing they same way, mDK is going to be REALLY strong next patch for DPS.
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  • WillhelmBlack
    It doesn't need a buff, it needs it's undodgeable skills back.

    As for PvE, why you wanna dps on a tank?
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  • MalsvirIxen
    It doesn't need a buff, it needs it's undodgeable skills back.

    As for PvE, why you wanna dps on a tank?

    Magicka DK. Not DK Tank.
  • Checkmath
    you cant define a spec just by the class, so dks arent tanks per se, the same goes for templars, they arent always healer. wardens also do not only support. stop this stupid thing about putting classes into a specific role, its not like this and shouldnt be.

    dks got some nice resource buffs on the pts, thats why they pull out very high damage. that combined with the set elfbane results in a well sustained and high dps, especially together with zaan.
  • ak_pvp
    For DPS they will be top tier, just so many fights are range biased so we will never know.

    Zaan, elf bane, bloodthirsty, 2x staff pieces, fire meta, resource buffs. All add up to give DK some high DPS.

    As for PvP. Ehhh. They were buffed, but marginally, they are pushing the PvE healer too hard.
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