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[VID] Subs Anon in GvG Tournament on 4/29/2018

Hi Everyone,

here is a compliation video i made of a few fights that Subs Anon had at the GvG tournament yesterday. The tournament was a BLAST overall! We had a ton of fun, constant fights, and great comraderie with our opponents. For some groups like <Legions of Morder>, we're used to seeing them at these events and were excited to see what new additions they would bring. But there were plenty of new groups as well, and I'm looking forward to seeing what those groups bring out next week now that they've got a taste of the GvG.

|Subs Anonymous| is a collaboration between two guilds: <Scrubs Anonymous> and <Mischievous>, both of whom are missing a few players from their roster for the GvG events.
we ran 2x Stamden, 1x Magden, 1x Stamplar, 1x Magplar, and 1x Healthplar. We went 15-0 in the tournament. Animosity was also on EP and also went undefeated, so we are not calling ourselves the "best," just the "undefeated" ;) Next time we'll only have one stamden with us and we're excited to see how much of a change that makes in the group effectiveness.

Players are Thogard, Luh, Nihilos, Lyser, Rak, Competence, Del9

Tournament was hosted by <Legends>. Special thanks to Kena for putting it all together, and to Iralia, Lyser, and Zele for all the hard work they did in making sure it was a huge success.
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