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need help with mag sorc no pet build

Soul Shriven
I know I have work to do but I'm stuck at 15k dps is love some help to usher my sorc Into the big boy leagues
skill wise fb- daedric tomb ,hardened ward,power surge (I like degeneration (entropy morf)but I mag too much ,inner light ,bound aegis
bb-LL ,block of storm haunting curse inner and bound
I'm running 5 netches fire staff front lightning on back
illambri mask medium shoulders heavy
and 4 piece necro nothing is gold all divine
I have charged on my fire star and defending on my back bar

help a brotha out and thanks in advance
  • Haquor
    5x mechanical
    3x IA/Willpower/Moondancer jewellery
    2x illambris
    1x asylum fire staff front
    1x vma or random lightning back

    Fb- Frags, force pulse, mages wrath/hardened ward, inner light, aegis, meteor
    Bb- LL, Blockade, haunting curse, surge/inner light, aegis, thunderous storm

    Place LL, blockade, curse then light weave Force pulse until you need to reapply the dots. Cast frag on proc.

    Pretty standard but all the gear is easy to get rotation is simple as long as you dont let your dots expire.
  • BaneOfBattler
    Dont repeat posts
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