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My Tel Galen

Finally it is here, the presentation of my Tel Galen home. True to the concept, I have decorated this as a fungal Telvanni tower, complete with mystical mushroom garden and impressive interiors.

In this home, the majority of the housing slots have been used on the exterior. A vast collection of mushroom and fungi have been placed in a tasteful manner, along with a host of other exotic and dangerous plants. I have especially used a lot of the carnivorous plants such as sundew and pitcher plants. Why oh why don't we have access to the venus flytrap plants yet? I need those for this home, and the model is already in the game!

A special blue corner with blue glowing plants has been made under some rocky outcroppings, and down towards the seashore is an impressive coral garden with various clams, starfish and corals. Under one of the huge mushrooms, an outdoor Velothi shrine has been placed to honor the ancestors.

This also means that the interior is somewhat lacking in decoration. You guessed it, that infernal item cap. Everything on the inside has been furnished with Telvanni furnishings, and lights, banners, carpets and such have been placed, but all the clutter, all the smaller items that make up a nice home, unfortunately didn't make it. Eventually I may have to just scrap the Velothi shrine and the Coral garden in order to fully decorate the interior, though I think that would be a real shame.

For now, the main interior room has been split up into parts, separated by dividers. Some are sitting arrangements, dinner areas, reading areas and so on. There are three side rooms, Vivec's, Almalexia's and Sotha Sil's. Sotha's is supposed to eventually be a workshop/magical lab area, Vivec's leads to a room with two beds and some bedroom furnishings, Almalexia's leads to a women's parlor with bed and sleeping area, a bath and some beauty parlor furnishings.

Upstairs we have the master wizard's chambers, with a grand table and throne, various paintings, shelves and candelabras. A good place to overlook the entire abode.

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