Something to remember-pts

Before taking a salt bath and filling up the gasoline powered keyboard, please keep in mind that it's impossible for every class to be the worst class.

I've lurked these forums during my workday and found so many players boasting about their skill and crazy OP setups only to find them a day later complaining that their favorite class is "the worst in pvx!"

Unless you have numbers, statistics, or even video evidence to support a claim, there's no reason to fly off the handle at a dev team of human beings.

"Wow, great job ZoS. Guess you really hate X."

^^^If that sounds remotely close to you, first consider your priorities, and then consider how it even helps you or your class to make open letter threads filled only with insults and garbage reasoning.

And if you're offering constructive, empirically based feedback, please keep it up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the effort.
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  • Tandor
    All fair points, to which I would add - please base feedback on actual testing on the PTS and not on an instant reaction to something that was read in the patch notes.
  • geonsocal
    nerf sorcerer, nerf nightblade, nerf dragonknight, nerf templar, nerf warden

    nerf nerfs...
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