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Aldmeri People's Front Recruiting

We're looking for more players interested in running normal trials to gear up and learn the fights so we can advance to Vet trials. We run normal trials on Friday nights and, depending on how many interested players join we might start running two teams or, eventually, a progression Vet team and a learning Normal team. We're working on more events to add like PvP, Skyshard/World Boss farming, scrap farming and we're open to new ideas. We're not necessarily looking for max CP and fully geared and golded players (but they would be welcome), but if you can be on time and ready to learn and have fun, we'd be glad to have you.

If interested please send a PSN message or in-game mail to greenmachine513, Cthululimon, or NEONATO134

greenmachine513 PS4-NA
GM of Aldmeri People's Front
Ionien - Altmer Mag Sorc
Dr Jonny Fever - Breton Healplar
Ser Greywulf - Nord DK Tank
Twink Versatile - Bosmer Stamblade
Loke-Tarr - Orc Stamden
Sillius Soddus - Imperial Stamplar
Meow Kapwn - Khajit Magblade
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