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Resplendent Sweetroll = 1 Apex Mount

It was a bonus 5th card.

Thanks Free Crates.
Apex Mount right off the bat on new crates.
  • Aliyavana
    sweetrolls are better than the mounts because atleast youd have a choice in the mount
    Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • Shanjijri
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    sweetrolls are better than the mounts because atleast youd have a choice in the mount

    Unless you get the one you wished for.
    CP 910+
  • Oakmontowls_ESO
    Unless you want a Radiant apex
  • Feanor
    Meh. I had 6 crates on 2 accounts and only got the Taskmaster statue as something of worth, I ended up converting everything to gems. Still it’s free crates, so no complaint. I marvel at the luck some people have, drawing a radiant apex out of the free crates. A Guildie of mine did with the flame crates. Amazing.
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    Draco Imperialis - AD Imperial DK (tank)
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    Valirion Willowthorne - AD Bosmer stamBlade
    Turuna - AD Altmer magBlade
    Kheled Zaram - AD Redguard stamDK
    Kibil Nala - AD Redguard stamSorc - Stormproof
    Yavanna Kémentárí - AD Breton magWarden
    Azog gro-Ghâsh - EP Orc stamWarden
    Maeglin the Dark Elf - DC Dunmer mDK (relegated to crafting duty)
    Rawlith Khaj'ra - AD Orc stamWarden
    Tu'waccah - AD Redguard Stamplar

    All chars 50 @ CP 950+. Playing solo PvP mostly on EU PC Sotha Sil (or with a wonderful guild of friends)
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