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Sorc pets require QoL changes

Can we take a minute to talk about how sorc pets have a tendency to just die randomly during specific points in dungeons?

Some instances I can think off the top of my head is just before the 2nd boss in Scalecaller Peak after you defeat all the gargoyles before the boss respawns. Your pets just die for no reason and you will have to resummon them. The same thing happens in Falkreath Hold after the 3rd boss and I believe the 4th boss also. There are a few other instances where this happens too where pets are just automatically despawned.

On a side note, I'd just like to bring up the fact that pets need to be resummoned occasionally in MoL after going through doors or they won't attack. Especially just before the first boss.

On another note, if you summon your pet and you reactivate the skill right away, even after you hear the pop sound that your pet has been summoned and you can visually see the pet itself, and the pet icon is purple (meaning you can activate the pet skill instead) the pet automatically gets unsummoned and you go back into resummoning them instead.

@ZOS_GinaBruno Are there any QoL changes that a pet sorc can expect in the soon future? Because all these things combined get really annoying after a while.

PS. Not sure if Warden bear interacts in the same way in all these instances.
Edited by Furcula on March 13, 2018 8:54AM
  • Robo_Hobo
    It would be nice if it got the same treatment as bound armaments/aegis, I know before that update that made it auto-cast in the beginning of battle I would always forget to put it on a lot.
  • flubber77
    same happens when i kill the boss at the ice stage at Maelstrom arena also
    Still a grudge, only to see false what u want and nothing less.
  • erlewine
    use the addon Channel Skill Helper to prevent the pet double summoning thing
    eisley the worst
  • ValkynSketha
    Samething with warden pet, another thing is that while sorc pet get the lightning chain at the mage in AA, meteors at the warrior in HRC, and storm heavens in AS, warden pet does not, pls make sorc pets behave the same, warden pet even have 10k more health.
  • AnviOfVai
    They need to be able to be "controlled" in PVP as well, its sooo annoying when they fly under the oil because they are trying to get into the keep. they pretty much destroy themselves and it costs a ton of magika to keep summoning them back all the time. I need a "Stay, Attack, Withdraw" for the Matriarch and the volitile familiar. Especially as I use the Matriarch as a side heal for players as well. D:
    Edited by AnviOfVai on March 13, 2018 9:10AM
    "I appear at my lord's behest, or perhaps I was always here, and you merely lacked the ability to see me."

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  • Ch4mpTW
    I just want my pets to be able to both grab AND hold aggro again, if the summoner is by themselves. That’s all I want. Don’t know ZOS just randomly removed it either. That was a gut punch to us true PetSorcs. Not these meta bandwagon bums, who chase after their favorite streamer’s builds.

    Then again, I had a feeling a lot of the bs would come with the territory. I even remember the exact moment it all happened. As soon as @Alcast said pet builds didn’t suck anymore, and @Vaoh told me in-game he was shifting g to pet builds, I immediately knew our (us Day 1 PetSorcs) days were over. When I started seeing how @Thelon and the other PetSorc poster players who used to put out builds, slowly and slowly start to fade away? I knew what time it was.

    It was like literally a tsunami of players came out of nowhere, and stated claiming how they love pets and pet builds. Even though those same people were in the threads here on these forums, and asking for the entire Daedric Summoning skill line would be removed and or changed to something different. Now suddenly it was as if these people been running pet builds for years. Smfh.

    Necropotence was once viewed as a bummy set, before it was scaled to VR16 (CP160). And literally as soon as these streamers and faces of ESO started hyping pet builds, all I saw in zone chat after zone chat was how Necropotence was going to be the most expensive and sought after overland set. And it still is to this day too.
    Edited by Ch4mpTW on March 13, 2018 9:11AM
    On the count of 3, everybody say, “Salami!” 1, 2, 3...
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