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My Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret

The next house, the Flaming Nix apartment, is now done. It didn't take too long, since it's only a single room, like the other Ebon Flask inn room. This one, however, was a lot more satisfying to make, since the room is quite bigger than the Ebon Flask one, it has straight walls and ceiling instead of curved, and it has a rather higher furnishing limit. I actually managed to decorate this room exactly like I wanted, with a lot of clutter items, before hitting the item cap.

Like the Ebon Flask, I wanted this one to be sort of a hotel suite, albeit a more luxurious one than the Ebon Flask. So once again we have a bed and sleeping area, as well as a desk and chair with some office implements, some coin and the key to the door. There are some decorations on the walls, like the Dunmer flags, the Hlaalu tapestry and some smaller paintings.

I placed some bar blocks to make a sort of dinner area, where trays of cheese and fruit have been placed along with a teapot, cups and some assorted drinks, and a couple of sweetrolls. I didn't make a real kitchen, since this is again a hotel suite/inn room, so I assume the food and drinks are ordered from the kitchen below, sort of like room service.

A lot of candles, trinket boxes, knick knacks and candles have been placed all over the shelves and desks to make it look lived in. There's also a small censer near the bed giving off a pleasant aroma. I love the insence items and censers, so you can look forward to seeing plenty of those in my next houses.

And of course, since this is the Flaming Nix, there's my small Nix pet living near the bed.

Next up I think I will do the St Delyn's Penthouse, just to finish off the smaller 1-room inns, and it will give me an opportunity to use more of the Vvardenfell furnishings.










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