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Solar Barrage should have its cast time removed

Solar Barrage is currently underperforming compared to other AoE DoTs. Keep in mind, Solar Barrage is in fact a DoT--it pulses 3 times over 6 seconds and does NOT benefit from the pulsing Empower. Also, even though Solar Barrage is listed as a 6-second DoT, it has a 1.1 second cast time, so for numerical breakdowns I calculate the actual duration of Solar Barrage as 7.1 seconds (bear in mind also that there is a significant opportunity cost to using Solar Barrage; though it might be ~1 second shorter than the DoTs I compare it to below, the cast time is time lost where you could be casting other abilities).

Here are some comparisons, same set up with Lightning staff equipped and Destro ability slotted for +8% AoE damage:

Blazing Spear
Cost 2690
Initial Hit: 5007
DoT: 1285/s
Duration: 8s
Radius: 8m
Misc: Instant Cast/Offers Synergy
DoT total damage = 10,280
DoT + Initial hit = 15,287
Actual DPS = 1,910

Blockade of Storms
Cost 2690
Initial Hit: N/A
DoT: 2142/s
Duration: 8s
Radius: 18x12
Misc.: Sets Concussed enemies off balance for 4 seconds
DoT total damage = 17,136
Actual DPS = 2,142

Solar Barrage
Initial Hit: N/A
DoT: 5304 / 2s
Duration: 7.1s
Radius: 8m
Misc.: Empowers between each pulse (3x)
DoT total damage = 15,912
Actual DPS = 2,241

As you can see, Solar Barrage does less total damage per cast than Blockade of Storms, and just slightly (700 damage) more damage per cast than Blazing Spear. Solar Barrage also has the worst/least beneficial utility buff of the three: Only a handful of Magplar abilities benefit from the Empower buff (Empowering Sweep, Aurora Javelin, Toppling Charge, and the initial hit of Vampire's Bane), compared to Blazing Spear which returns resources to Allies and Blockade of Storms which provides offbalance.

In terms of actual damage per second, Solar Barrage actually pulls slightly ahead of Blockade (101 more DPS) because its DPS is calculated over 7.1 seconds rather than 8 seconds. However, Solar Barrage has an enormous opportunity cost to using the ability since 1.1 seconds of its duration are a channel, meaning you aren't doing anything else excepting casting Solar Barrage. Compared to Blockade which is instantly and allows for you to immediately start casting other abilities. This results in an enormous drop to theoretical DPS when comparing the two abilities.

The overall damage of Solar Barrage is fine; the cast time is the problem. If Solar Barrage were made an instant cast 6s DoT and lost the ability to Empower, it would still provide less overall damage than a single cast of Blockade of Storms, but Solar Barrage's actual DPS would go from 2,241 to 2,652 making it an attractive AoE DoT option.
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Short answer is DKs likely won't be seeing a ton of changes before we go live; this class is still quite powerful (as it should be being a tank), even after some of the adjustments we've made to other classes and abilities.

  • Cinbri
    If it wouldnt had casttime - I would change Shards for Barrage in a blink of eyes.
    With next update changes it became loss to use - you have Shards for aoe that can support ally and deal damage to static tanks and spammed againt enemy in large range from safety; and now Dark Flare during cc immunity is uninterruptable and can empower itself, so Barrage's imnunity to interrupts dont look so appealing anymore.
    No cast time and be direct attack instead of dot would make it worth to use instead of Shards or Blockade.

    Ofcourse being cast time allow it to synnergize with Soulshine, but once again in current form Barrage dont fit: dps will never use Soulshine and in pvp having aoe bomb skill simply wont work coz vulnerability during cast time is to high and while being outnumbered you probably die before complete cast, same as was with Proximity Deto. Templar is bad at mobility that could decrease risks of cast time.
    So againt groups its bad with cast time but its casttime could work in 1v1 BUT once again it weaker for this than Shards. Shards counter block and thus can repay of class lack of unblockable stun; while Barrage lack of additional effect that would be worth to use in duel situation. Lacklaster in everything.
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  • Nestor
    I used to use this skill all the time, the boost to the next attack made it an awesome 1 - 2 combo with pulsar or reflective light on trash. Now I just use wall and run my Templar like every other caster.
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  • Joy_Division
    OP is correct.

    I'd take the NB and DK class AoEs in an instant over Solar Barrage.
  • danno8
    Yes, when they changed this skill they only seemed to put half a thought into it.

    The analysis and suggestions of the OP are, of course, spot on. I know this because it was the same analysis several of us made back in September.
  • abelsgmx
    The worst think of this skill is that can be interrumped wasting your lost time casting it again
  • Mystrius_Archaion
    abelsgmx wrote: »
    The worst think of this skill is that can be interrumped wasting your lost time casting it again

    You posted this after patch notes were posted saying they are removing the cast time....
    I was going to post the standard necro post meme, but I found this one and it was too funny to not use.
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