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Quality of Life for Guilds missed during Update 17

A basic Quality of Life for Guilds that is missing is the creation of a Ban list to guild functions. It is highly important for a guild to be able to keep Toxic players joining a guild or rejoining if they had been removed. Any guild that has move than one person recruiting runs the risk of having someone added that would have been prevented if a Ban feature was present.

This is a simple tool that should have been there from day one of guild creation. It should not be left for an addon to handle by kicking them after they have been added, to possible the addon does not work right. Straight out prevention of issuing a invite is best, try to add them get a popup that says they are banned from being added. Further the platforms that can not run addons, should also have this basic function available.

I really hope this can be added in a maintenance just after 17 goes live.

A further hope down the road would be a guild members only store option. The guild itself would be able to make items in the bank available for purchase by guild members only, with the funds going directly into the guild bank. The item takes a guild bank slot until sold then the system pulls and ships by mail. This could allow guilds to offer items to members for fundraising or at discount prices. The game gets it's gold sink for the usual posting and sale fee.

A Guild Member should always be able to see all of their personal deposit history into a Guild Bank. Be it item or gold. This lets them see where they did it, and can use it if they did this by mistake. If they wait until an officer can check, the information can already have scrolled past the 500 item line in a busy guild. Since it comes from the member them have the right to have that in a history for them they can access.
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