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BUG: Guild Bank deposits of Gold and Items being Lost!

I had 100% trust in the guild bank transaction interface but now I dont feel I can trust it at all.

This guild bank is not from an active guild and only 2 members use the bank at the moment. Both are me.

Firstly I noticed Gold deposits which I made and saw the balance update in the interface (lower right) were not there in the guild bank the next day and were not recorded in the guild bank history.

Since suspecting this issue and then noticing a 53k gold deposit disappeared I kept a close watch and then when a 26k gold deposit also disappeared I raised the ticket below.

Without very careful monitoring of the deposit/balance update/guild history this intermittent issue would not have been noticed.

I can only assume the server registration of the deposit from the character bag to the guild bank was for whatever reason not succesfully completed and therefore the transaction was lost.

It is possible there is a wider problem especially as the majority of players in other guilds no longer have access to any guild history showing Gold deposits.

Created: Ticket Reference Number 180110-000400

The status of the ticket is;
"We greatly appreciate you bringing this potential bug to our attention. This information has been collected and will be passed on to our development team. You will not receive a further response to this ticket."

Since this time I have not been using this guild bank for gold but continued to use it for items.

Last night an item deposit disappeared :(

the image "mm scrolls a b c" shows at B the 3 sales from yesterday (1 x blacksmith, 2 x wood). after topping up the store i put the scrolls back in the guild bank and when you look at the guild bank history image you see blacksmith is 1 less that i withdrew but the x6 wood scrolls deposit is not shown.

This is mechanically the same exact issue I reported with gold deposits.

it is clear this particular guild bank transaction interface is no longer safe to use and I cannot believe this is just isolated to my account but for everyone else's sake I hope it is.

There is no reason to not trust the transaction interface so why check and also since the controlled viewing of gold and guild bank contents was introduced members are limited on what they can see. For example, with gold, a normal member can deposit gold for say raffle tickets or a donation but no longer has view access to the gold transaction history.



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  • sylviermoone
    This is not isolated to your account, it is a pervasive issue and has been going on for a VERY long time.

    It's particularly worrying in the case that many guild members of active guilds are depositing gold, but with the changes to how the bank balance is viewed, are no longer able to see their own gold deposits. A great many guilds rely on members depositing gold, and to have the interface "eat" so many deposits really makes people lack faith in that system.

    A good solution on ZOS's end would be to allow members to view THIER OWN gold deposits in the history, even if the view guild bank gold permission is disabled. On the bright side, ZOS's records are MUCH more complete than our own, and the chances are that they can get your missing items back.

    CS is usually incredibly responsive when you report this issue, and it happens so frequently to one of my members that he made this little tutorial vid to help people reclaim their missing gold. This would probably work with missing items, too.

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