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My opinion on MagDK and Ideas

I´ve read many comments on MagDK now and I understand that many players are upset right now but I dont think that MagDk is screwed over. I´m playing MagDk since 1 and a half year now and I´m pretty sure that I can play it in a way thats not too bad (I´ve been careful here with putting it in words because everyone sees that in another way. If you want too make yourself an opinion you can watch some Gameplays on my Channel ). Enough Introduction! I think there are some small changes that would give players a reason to play MagDk again.

First off we have the passive Battle Roar. I´ve seen many complains about the changes that were made to it. I think the changes were reasonable but cause some problems with the ressourcemanagement changes from the morrowind patch. Like every class the MagDk has an own way to sustain. To give you a better understanding of what I´ll talk about in a sec I´ll show you how ressourcemanagement works on sorc. You invest into magickaregeneration but why? Sorcerers have the skill DarkDeal. The skill has a 1.3 sec casttime and when your done with casting you get magicka back. While you were casting some time has passed and you get your magickaregen. Thats why lich works very well on sorcerer. But what does that have to do with MagDks? Well. A MagDk has BattleRoar and thats why costreduction works really good on MagDk. You want waste the least magicka because you get your magicka back from potionsand BattleRoar. Moreover many MagDks run Mistform why magickaregen gets pretty much useless because it gets cut off if you´re in Mistform. Thats why sets like desert rose work well on MagDk. When the costreduction from the championpointsystem was taken away MagDk was missing 15% costreduction why lightarmor on MagDk got more popular but lightarmor was nerfed as well. Now MagDks needed the costreduction from sets or glyphs. In addition there are costincrease poisons that make it really hard for MagDk to sustain. Expensive skills like Mistform or Talons cost around 3500 if you use some costreduction and desert rose. If someone uses the poison on you now it costs around 4300 magicka which is way too much. My Idea to fix this is just take away or decrease the costincrease of the poison to 10% since the regen it gives is good enough. You might buff the regen a bit then. MagDk also needs a little change to its ressourcemanagement. Around 3% - 5% costreduction added to the BattleRoar passive would be enough.

One thing that MagDks are really missing is an Execute. Since Magdk has many dots the execute shouldnt be as strong as the sorcerer or templar execute for example. My idea would be to give MagDk a passive that adds 15% dmg to dots on targets below 25% health. Maybe an experienced PvE player can give his opinion on that because I dont know if that wouldnt effect MagDks PvE performance too much. Another way would be changing powerlash that it deals 20% more dmg if you´re hitting a target below 25% health.

Fossilize is a really good stun but it lacks range since it was nerfed. 20 meters like before might be too much since its a really strong stun I agree on that but 8 meters is to less. I would recommend a range around 12-15 meters. MagDks could stun their enemies to get closer to them to hit them. That would make sense since all enemies can get out of the range of a MagDk pretty easy. MagDk lacks mobility but its strengh is the crowd control. 8 meters on the Fossilize is just too less and needs to be canopied.

Powerlash changed a lot. Now it stuns in PvP, can be dodged, has a cooldown and the heal is over 4 sec instead of 2 sec. The change to the heal doesnt make a big diffrence so I dont talk about that. First off I think the stun on the powerlash is unnecessary. Often its annoying me if I want to throw a meteor and i can´t use powerlash before because the enemie would get stunimmunity. I´d just remove the stun. In my opinion it makes sense that Powerlash and Embers are dodgable now. The reason it doesnt work that good right now is that you get the cooldown if your enemie dodges your powerlash. I know that a cooldown is needed since Powerlash doesnt consume the Off-Balance-Status which is good! The cooldown just shouldn´t be activated if the enemie dodges the powerlash.

Thats what just came to my mind. This is my opinion. Feel free to comment below and share your thought and ideas. I´ve read many comments of Quantum and read a lot of good stuff so you might want to read them too. Stay happy and keep in mind its all for fun! :)

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