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An issue with nodes pack in ESO Plus?

Okay, I am an ESO Plus subscriber so my nodes pack is bottomless, yes? Yet, it isn't, it seems. It's a weird thing.
Nodes go to your nodes pack directly yes? So the fact that your inventory pack is full shouldn't affect it?
I tried collecting mats from mail today and it told me that my inventory is full! How? It goes straightly to my bottomless nodes pack not to my inventory pack!
Is it bugged or something?
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  • JKorr
    Apparently everything needs to hit our inventory first, even if its only for a split second before it gets shifted to the crafting bag. Even for deconning items you need a certain number of inventory slots open before it will let you do that.

    Why, I have no idea. It can be annoying, but it was much more "shuffling" intense before the crafting bag.
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