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Question regarding the free Inn Rooms, specifically the Saint Delyn Penthouse

Soul Shriven
Hi there, I was told Customer Support is unable to provide detailed information about game mechanics or quest walkthroughs, and directed to the forums, so though I'd ask here.

I just started playing again after a few years, all new characters, all started in Morrowind.

I'm trying to locate Canthion for the Saint Delyn Penthouse, and he won't show up.

I can't click on the handbill on the side of the bank, and Canthion isn't outside the bank where it's said he should be. And I don't have an option in the store to start the quest. I 've tried this on 2 brand new characters who haven't done the housing quest yet, and I just can't seem to find a way to get this free Inn room.

Am I just looking in the wrong place? Everywhere I've seen on UESP and other sites, says he's there. But he's not, for me.

Any advice? Help? Thanks!!
  • davey1107
    Hello, let’s troubleshoot.

    I saw a note on Tamriel Foundry that the House quest in Vivec City has been disabled since update 16...this might be the issue. If so, you may need to go earn the free apartment in your faction...then pay $3k gold for the Vivec apartment.

    Before doing that, you can verify you’re activating the quest properly:

    - in the crown store, it’s under the tab “quest starters”.
    - The brochure is in any bank. If you can’t pick it up in Vivec but can in other zones, I’m going to say the quest is broken in Morrowind.

    So, if the quest works in your home faction but not Morrowind, you’d either need to do it the way described above and spend some gold or wait for a patch...might be fixed in February with update 17, or could take months.
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  • KreeVa
    You can always go and buy it for 3k, Its in the Inn.
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