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[Suggestion]Zenimax pretty please can you remove these arches in Ravenhurst?

I know this is a rather long shot and the chances are slim to none but hey if you want something you have to ask for it :tongue:

Ravenhurst is pretty much the only house I care for. It has the perfect size for my needs and I like the location. The only thing that drives me crazy are those arches. Would it be possible to remove the ones in the red zone and maybe extend the ones where it's green?
This would make it perfect, yes we have to add planks to extend the living area but that doesn't really matter.

I know the windows look funny like this but that is a story for another time.

So Zenimax what do you think? :wink:

  • Ostacia
    I love Ravenhurst, also, but haven't bought it ...yet. This would certainly be the clincher for me! Hope they do this.
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  • Aurelle1
    The arches in the upper floor are certainly a nuisance and get in the way of being creative with that level. But they are an intrinsic part of the structure of that type of building, and there are ways around it. I've put three extra bedrooms on that floor without too much trouble.
  • notimetocare
    But your roof will collapse
  • Orticia
    Yes please. I already decorated Ravenhurst, but thus would make it better. I added the 3 floors as well. And my characters would love not having to watch their footing as much to not fall down the stairs instead of going into the room near the stairs, trying to inch past that arch.
    Edited by Orticia on January 15, 2018 7:21AM
  • OmniDo
    I used them to hang stuff and personally don't mind them.
  • logarifmik
    OmniDo wrote: »
    I used them to hang stuff and personally don't mind them.
    Agreed. I use these elements to hang gibbet-cage for dangerous creatures in my enchanting laboratory.
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  • Ermiq
    Dunmeri house type has the same issue.
    Edited by Ermiq on January 16, 2018 5:14PM
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  • Blacknight841
    I believe the arches are required for support. The roof could collapse without it.
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  • Corvusco
    I believe the arches are required for support. The roof could collapse without it.

    If you would remove the red part it would not, plus the added green ones would give it much more stability
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