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Can ZOS please explain the housing limit reasoning

It doesn't make any logical sense, is it just a random number someone made up ?

Examples ;

1 )
I moved from a Staple home ( Twin Arches ) to a Notable ( Earthtear Cavern )
The item limit increase x 3.5, yet you could get atleast 10 Staple Homes in the space of Earthtear Cavern .

If it is a server restriction, to reduce load, then could you explain why these 2 items take 1 slot each, yet you could get 700 of the smaller one into the larger one (and not even 1/4 fill it) ?

Clockwork Piston

Mysterious Clockwork Sphere

I welcome any replies
Thank you.

  • kargen27
    Does the server know the difference in the two items or are the two just 12 digits of code?
  • OmniDo
    It has less to do with graphical client performance, (though this is impacted eventually when you have 100+ dynamic animated light sources), and more to do with database storage.
    Each item requires a database entry, regardless of the client performance needed to load and render it.
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