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Are you excited for housing storage?

  • Hurtfan
    Yes, for several reasons...
    For the Pact!
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  • Runs
    I am excited... But also worried.

    I am worried that Homestead Storage, could literally mean storage for homestead items(furnishings) and only for them. Like the equivalent of the Craft Bag...

    But I would hope if that was the case, it would have been more clearly spelled out so we don't get our hopes up for storing regular items inside our homes.

    -edit- Just reread the article and noticed it does specifically say inventory items in home, no longer worried :D
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  • Ahnastashia
    I'm excited for housing storage but I really hope it also comes with sizable item count increases...

    If it doesn't.. well.. that will just be very sad indeed.
  • Asardes
    The only reason to go and actually buy a house. Since I'm not sure how it will be implemented I've been also keeping my vouchers in case the storage container might turn out to be a big voucher sink, either in blueprint or ready made form.
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  • Jade1986
    MornaBaine wrote: »
    I am really nervous about how they are going to implement this. In a perfect world they just enable the current chests and wardrobes to hold items. But my suspicion is that there's going to be a grind attached that will be absolutely horrible....and will drive players to just buy these new special containers from the cash shop.

    I am also unhappy that increased item slots and player caps have not been announced. I'd want those things far more than storage.

    It will more likely be an ESO + thing.

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  • czar
    I want to be, but I suspect it will be pretty restricted in one way or another.
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  • thatlaurachick
    Eh, depeds on what "storage" is: furniture storage? meh. Armor manequins where I can display armor sets when not being worn instead of them taking up 75% of my 480 bank slots? AW YES.
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  • LadyAstrum
    Very pleased, I just hope it's implemented well.
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  • Aurelle1
    It very much depends on how it is implemented, as people have said. If the storage turns out to be in small quantities, like 10-25 items per container, then that would be of little use. Most people have a number of alts to manage their inventories/bank, so having a minimal amount of extra storage in houses will make very little difference.

    On the other hand, if storage comes in generous quantities, that would be more helpful.

    I would still rather have a dedicated furniture bag which is accessible from any of our houses.

    Lets see what they do. :)
  • vamp_emily
    I didn't read any information about it but I am assuming it will be unlimited storage for ESO+ members.

    I could be wrong.

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  • VonNelson
    Very excited - really hoping for ways to display armour sets. If it’s not this I’ll be majorly pissed off. Expect the grind in some way to get whatever it is. Let’s not live in la la land folks.
  • Nerouyn
    Remember the crafting bag.

    They hyped the crap out of that for months as the solution to our storage woes..... then dropped the not minor detail that it was only available to subscribers.

    The game would be definitely be improved by storage but getting excited at this point - not knowing who it's available to, the cost or how would it work - would be stupid.

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