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MORE SPACE!!!!! (600 not enough for the big houses)

  • Lyss1991
    Tbh, Its all about how you decorate your house. I have 10 houses, Ranging from tiny inn rooms to the new huge Princely Dawnlight Palace.

    None of my houses that are actually decorated look empty. Not even the palace. None of them look bare in certain spots.

    I built a dock at the palace, Fully furnished with 2 MA boats, Wenches, Ropes, Anchors, Crates, Lights, etc. Ive got alot of compliments on it.

    My courtyard has probably 50+ glow plants, 20 or so jester/cherry blossom trees, 8 wedding trellises, 2 wedding gazebos, 3 test dummies, sitting areas, merchant/banker, all reg crafting stations, etc.

    The inside is also fully decorated, No room is empty. Beds, Tables, Grills, Shelves, Paintings, Desks, Bounty sheets, lighting, etc.

    I could go on and on about what all I used to make it look full.

    You have to be creative and work with what you have.

    Do I want more slots? Yes, Of course! There are things I would love to add.

    Would I pay for it? Absolutely. Nothing in life is free.

    Do I want it at any cost? No. If the reason they havent done it this far down the line is performance related, Keep the slots. Im satisfied with what I have.

    You cant please everyone. Im sure if they could just snap their fingers and give us what we want, They would. I fully support the game and everything they bring to it. I understand that games have issues and that it takes time to find and sort them out.
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