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Ever try looting the nightstands?

It doesn't work.

But when ever i'm previewing houses I like to see what the furnished one is like so i can see layout ideas and such. For some stupid reason i always instinctively want to loot nightstands. I think this harkens back the days before the Justice system where this is how you found all the Blue motif books, back when these were valuable right after launch.
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  • Ermiq
    I'm trying to loot every container I see anywhere. So, I do this with furnished previews from time to time. :)
    One of the two of us definitely has gone mad. It only remains to define whether this one is the world or me.

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  • Linaleah
    all. the. time. after doing a LOT of farming/stealing its almost a compulsion. O_O
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  • teiselaise
    I for some reason only try to loot baskets ._.
    I have no idea why, it's just instinctive to me :/
    *Edit* fixed the mutated :/ smiley
    Edited by teiselaise on December 24, 2017 10:00PM
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  • Ithilis
    I have a backpack in my OWN HOME which I try to loot every time -_-' .
    I also totally can relate to looting nightstands :smiley:
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  • Sticky_Paws
    I try looting my own furnishing in my many homes, and definitely try to loot visited homes of friends and guildmates. LOL- although it would be fun to find random items in them - say some of the loot with hilarious descriptions (kick the khajiit, and other naughty books/items come to mind)
  • Nightfall12
    It would be nice if you could craft semi useless items and put "clean" desprictions on them, like "why you looking in my drawers ______? " But it fills in said character name for you.
    Ummm stuff… about stuff…or something.
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