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FIX vMA, 2 years anniversary of a shame

2 years event, let's celebrate ZOS that do nothing.


5th Area - Ice - after boss is dead sometimes arena doesn't close and you can only die and reset the boss fight
7th Area - Poison - sometimes poison doesn't get cleaned from a pool


There are many more bugs there, bigger or smaller, but those are the most frequently i get at least, with 8TH area - 5 times per 1 run so far.

Do at least a bit of your work, instead of doing NOTHING at all. NOTHING AT ALL. 2 years. 0 changes. I'm tired of dying from BUGS in vMA, nothing else kills me there since along along ago in 4/5 runs. With 580k score with deaths from bugs i have no time, desire and nerves to try to get a Run without bugs to get higher score (just coz can).
Edited by maniac4maniac on November 20, 2017 1:28PM
  • Valera Progib
    Valera Progib
    580k is more than enough for top100 and you probably already have flawless on all of your characters - so why bother?
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  • maniac4maniac
    580k is more than enough for top100 and you probably already have flawless on all of your characters - so why bother?

    Top-25 in class rate, yes have it dozens of times probably, i like vMA runs mechanic, BUT i hate bugs that exist there. Most single players have more patches that FIX bugs than this game... why? I just know that i can score more as i said and play it several times per week at least with no bugs.
  • Izaki
    Agreed on the 5th Stage which is my only complaint with the place.

    The 7th Stage thing isn't a bug. You probably noticed that the pool is below ground level. Which means that 99% of the time, when you run or roll dodge into it, you won't actually be touching the water, you'd be in the air. Annoying for sure, but its not a bug, its just the way it works. Should definitely be changed for sure.

    The 8th Stage thing never happened to me, so I wouldn't know.
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  • vovus69
    Re 8th - it is not just roll dodge for me, it is when animation of fire or some other effect from mob hits me when I start the roll dodge. After that you need to wait when all animations will go and roll dodge again. At least that worked for me. It is not only in vMA. I see this from time to time in other dungeons. So it is general bug, but because you need two things to happen at the same time, it is pretty rare usually and only appeared as annoying thing in vMA. And, yes, it is annoying and definitely stay with us for two more years :) zos cannot fix the simple things, like tp to shadow, so how you would expect them to fix the dynamic bug? It is a "feature" now...

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  • Apherius
    7 th - arena

    Do you have a pet ? sometime they have the poison and the pool purge them instead you LOL

    7th Area - Wamasu - always spawn on the floor ! come on ... fix this.
  • Beardimus
    Undoubtedly the arena is bugged.

    And laggy.

    Bar swap issues on top of the specific things mentioned above. And it is frustrating. I run vMA for fun, and to improve score, never ground it for weapons, but the bugs and lag which has no place in a solo instance do impact the 'fun'
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  • aeowulf
    Don't forget no purple rings drop from vMA
  • Qbiken
    aeowulf wrote: »
    Don't forget no purple rings drop from vMA

    WTB a non-bugged werewolf for at least one patch
    Probably the worst Werewolf on PC/EU

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