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Help me improve my DPS (pet magsorc)

Hello! I`m pet magsorc and I think i can do alot more damage than in video provided.

Its a popular build by Alcast. I heard that medium dps with this build is around 30k. MINE - 21k Can u watch my video and tell me whats wrong?

5/5 necropotence (3 juwelry included)
5/5 Julianos (2 electro staves included)
1/2 ICEHEART (only head)

All gold except head (epic)
Current stats and skills and boon provided on video.
I use Essence of Spell critical

  • Valera Progib
    Valera Progib
    You get major sorcery from potions? Looks cool, but 21k with that is really bad
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  • ZeroXFF
    Light attack weaving. Do a light attack before every spell you cast. That right there will give you about 2-3k. You also have time to cast 2 spells and a heavy attack on the front bar. Use that time to throw in elemental drain.

    I myself made a similar thread a few weeks ago, you might want to check it out. In post #17 I have multiple videos testing different rotations and different CP setups (the 9th is probably the closest to what you're looking for).

    Also, I tested different gear setups, and I found that Ilambris 2p + willpower set does more damage than 5p Julianos.
  • Ruusa
    You dont have elemental drain, which is pretty standard when doing dps tests. Replace inner light on front bar with it or ask a guildmate to come and apply ele drain to the skeleton. That drops the skeletons resistance and gives you a large dps boost. In a real fight applying it is of course the healers job.

    How are your CP's? What traits are the staves? You said that almost everything is copied from Alcast, but which parts are different?

    You seem to have the ice comet version of meteor? Why? Keep it if its important for pvp or something, just know that shooting star is more damage. Also, people usually start dps tests with ultimate charged to 100%. Thats one of those things that matters little in actual long fights but its used to buff skeleton tests.

    You are completely missing major sorcery buff (+20% spell damage), make potions that include both that and spell crit bonus. Also for some reason your major prophecy buff has only 38% uptime when it should be 100%, why? do you have that alchemy passive that increases potion duration?

    And you need to practice animation canceling.
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  • xmasterrreb17_ESO
    Ruusa wrote: »
    You said that almost everything is copied from Alcast, but which parts are different?
    Full copy. But my cp is 601 atm
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