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Would this be an "ok" tank or dps?

I have this character I have been leveling up for awhile. He is a Nord Templar. I notice his benefits are only fit for a stamina character and the perk for physical resistance. So, would this kind of build make "decent" tank? or i'm better off having him as a dps?
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  • VaranisArano

    He can be either, depending on how you build him. Racial passives are not the be all, end all of a character, not remotely. Nords lean more towards stamina, but hey, he could be the odd one out who went to the College of Winterhold to study magic.

    So if you want him to be DPS, you need to look at how to do DPS with a templar. Stamina - based templars and MAgicka based templars can both be good DPS, though you generally see magplars in healer roles (though I've seen great DPS coming from magplar healers).
    If you want him to be a tank, you need to build him for greater resistances and health, grab a taunt, and be a tank. Either a stamplar or a magplar will work.
  • raj72616a
    well it's more about discrimination on class than on race.
    stamplar tank may tank vet dungeons and normal trial, but vet trial ppl might turn us down.

    Extended Ritual would be good even if we are stamina, disregarding the HoT, the debuff removal, 30% slow on mobs, and 8% buff to healing done on yourself, are well worth the negligible cost.

    Power of Light put Minor Fracture and Minor Breach debuff on mob.

    Empowering Sweep is a very low cost Ultimate skill and greatly reduce your damage taken for 10 seconds.

    Repentance let you restore health and stamina for free per trash mob killed.

    stam dps probably use Resolving Vigor for self heal, so it might be better to get Echoing Vigor, so you have two version of Vigor stack at the same time.

    if you want to do some damage, you just need Biting Jab, so you are not limited to DualWielding. you could use Two-Handed weapon so as to benefit from the skills Brawler and Rally.
  • Narvuntien
    I think a Nord Stamplar could be very strong in PVP where having more health and recovery is really important so if you like the character I'd jump into some PVP.

    Templar tanks used to be something called a Blazing templar, using the ability Blazing shield.. that did damage scaling with hp based off the damage done to them... it was unfortuantely savagely nerfed.... Instead the other morph Radiant ward is still very useful hp scaling shield.

    Basically using The sets Plauge Doctor and Ebon (or green pact if you are selfish) you end up with a HUGE amount of hp. Then you use the mages guild skill "Balance" to convert your health in to magicka so you have acess to it.

    Keep in mind you'll still want more stamina than magicka even if a lot of your skills use magicka.

    So Plauge doctor + Ebon + Bloodspawn

    Structured entropy, Pierce armor, Radiant ward, Absorb magic, Repentance, Warhorn
    Power of the light, channeled focus, Inner Beast, Heroic slash, Balance, Empowering Sweep

    Hmm the issue is you have no stuns.. you can use Volanic rune or Blinding Javelin you can use.
    Bone shield also seems like a good abilitiy as well another HP scaling shield plus other one hand and shield skills.

    hmm I'd just try things to see what you like.

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