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Wrobel's comment on the Dragon Knight feedback post...

This is how I feel:

Playing since beta...
  • xaraan
    "X" Skill is better than "Y" Skill, "X" skill needs some love.

    "Y" Skill nerfed. There you go, all fixed.
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  • f047ys3v3n
    Kilandros wrote: »
    It's just lazy balance.

    This one noticed quite a trend in this patch to make skill x for this class more like skill y of that class. This is obviously lazy. It also reminded me of waaayy back in the day when their was much discussion that maybe being class based, like other mmo's, had not actually been the best idea or in the best Elder Scrolls tradition.

    I'm not really sure about the if ESO should have been classless or not thing (or the sister argument that magica and stam in abilities should be rolled together into "power" and stam should just be block and sprint) but I am sure that Wrobel's balancing is generally heavy handed, lazy, and inept. ESO will never have very good engame play or balance with Wrobel at the helm. I think of it kind of like an NFL team with a bad owner like maybe Cincinnati. It doesn't mater how many good breaks and good players the franchise happens to get, with poor decision making at the top, the results will not be good.
    Yes I am deeply embarrassed to still be playing this game. I know better.
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