PC EU server login issues

"Could not retrieve announcements."

"Connection to server timed out. Please try again later."

And via non-Steam, Error 200.

Sometimes I manage to log in, but as soon as I try to load up a character, it's back to the main menu all over again.

Is anybody else here experiencing this?

EDIT: Twice, I managed to get in; but the lag is so bad (999+ bad) that it's not worth trying to do anything, only to get kicked back to the main menu eventually. The server's teetering on the edge of collapse, that much is clear. And how ironic that I only discover this right in the middle of EU's off-peak hours...
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  • magicsprout
    Same xb1 eu
  • DxPerfection
    Soul Shriven
    Same. I cant play the game in prime time for over 2 weeks. After my eso plus membership expires, i'll step away i suppose. That's just unacceptable.
  • Tandor
    The server's teetering on the edge of collapse, that much is clear.

    If that were true then an awful lot more players would be posting about it. I haven't played on the PC EU server yet today but I've played a fair bit over the past couple of weeks and not only have I not had any issues but I've seen tons of players around and they all seemed to be getting on fine. The dolmen outside Vulkhel Guard was packed yesterday and everyone was completing it without any apparent difficulty.

    I suspect there could be some Steam issues, adding in another intermediary to the mix has never struck me as a good idea, and Steam players do seem to report separate issues from time to time as do console players. I'm not sure that you can bypass Steam successfully but you'd need other Steam players to give any tips on that.
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