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How to get a Warrior's Fury shield?

I'm at the elite gear vendor right now and looking at the bags.

I only need the shield at this point, which bag do I have to buy to get the shield?

Unidentified elite weapon or unidentified offensive heavy armor?

Or something else?
  • Qbiken
    The set drops from "Rewards of the Worthy" only if I remember it correctly. Check guildstores or google for

    Tamriel Trading Centre

    And do your search there.
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  • Feanor
    Rewards of the Worthy drop them. Shields are in the armour boxes I believe, but don't count on that being correct. I seldom use the vendors.
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  • micsan
    I'm here right now and the elite weapon has it in the description that it does include that set, what I need to know Is what boxes include shields, as it is armor and not a weapon.
  • micsan
    And I have gone through ALL the guildstores on ps4 and can no find it.
  • micsan
    I found someone with a buildvideo including the set, it's supposed to be a in the weapon box.
  • micsan
    620k AP, not a single shield :-(

    Got two leki shields though, so it's supposed to be there.
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