Balkan guild "Lorkhanovi Sljedbenici" recruiting core raid members

Lorkhanovi Sljedbenici are recruiting balkan speaking core group members for veteran trials.

We need experienced long ranged damage dealers, with Stormproof title.
Flawless Conqueror or a 35k self buffed parse will guarantee a core member status.

Other roles and melee damage dealers also welcome.
Apart from veteran trials, the guild is also doing regular pledges, PvP, fishing, and all kinds of events of a casual type.

Contact for invite:
@Dubhliam, @hr_alucard, @Stalker1991, @Ultramarinac, @zvacko, @YajeZehir, @GrizzlyFoot, @rockibabush
Edited by Dubhliam on September 1, 2017 10:56AM
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Lorkhanovi Sljedbenici regrutiraju!
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