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[PS4] [EU] Need people to find Skyshards / Lorebooks

Hello guys,

So yeah, as the title says, PS4 EU, if anyone wants to find Skyshards or Lorebooks that would be cool. Just give me your name and I'll add you.

So far, I've found skyshards in: Alik'r, Glenumbra, Stormhaven

I've found Lorebooks in: Stonefalls

Would be better if you have Rapid Manoeuvre and a general sense of direction! I move fast...
"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop."

Current Toons (Max CP):
Magsorc Breton
Magblade Darkelf
Stam DK Redguard
Healer Templar High Elf
Tank DK Argonian
Stamblade Redguard

Completed: vHoF | vMoL | vSO | vSO HM | vAA | vAA HM | vHR | vHR HM | vMA | vDSA
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