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So what did everyone do with their "Probably-Not-Punch" Bowls?

Heres what I did with one of my houses:
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  • Jhalin
    That is cool as hell. I'm probably just gonna put mine on my Black Sacrament altar.
    Retired until the game stop being crap, aka probably forever
    J'halin - 50 Khajiit Stamblade
    Ziryne - 50 Breton Magplar, Healer
    Varus Arano - 50 Dunmer MagSorc
    Raza al-Qerik - 50 Redguard DK, Tank
    Darien Sorick - <50 Breton Stamplar, Tank
    Do-Khaizo - <50 Khajiit Stamden
    Caerdolos - <50 Dunmer ("Maormer") StamSorc
    Varona Drelos - 50 Dunmer Magblade
  • OmniDo
    Jhalin wrote: »
    That is cool as hell. I'm probably just gonna put mine on my Black Sacrament altar.
    Post some pics when you do! :smile:
  • mrdiamond666
    Pretty sweet.... my vamps not sure if "IT" has this....
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