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curse of the vampire and werewolf

I am just wondering why when either the curse of the werewolf or curse of the vampire skill lines are purchased for a character, that one is only available for that particular character only and not all characters on the account?

When purchased we pay 1500 crowns for each skill line and then when cured but may want to be a either a werewolf/vampire again wee would have to pay again that same amount? I think they should open that up for all characters on the account as well as make it so that since they are already purchases once we should not have to pay another 1500 crowns to be a vampire or werewolf again for each character.

Hope that they will consider fixing this?
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Well, it's basicly just a money grab from lazy people or new players who don't know it better.

    If you don't mind interacting with other players, you can easiely get those curses ingame from someone who is already a ww/vamp. Some may charge a small gold fee, but often enough you can find players who bite you for free.
  • UncannyLinderman
    Considering I give free werewolf bites out whenever I'm near the shrine on that toon, and that toon got it for free by a random fellow, it's a little absurd someone would pay essentially 15 bucks for one to begin with in my opinion. In fact on two consoles with multiple werewolves and a vamp, I've never paid a dime in real money or in game gold for the bites, and the most I ever charged anyone was a random duel for fun beforehand.
  • Laplace
    Don't buy them. Total scam.

    As has been mentioned above, other players will bite you for free. Hell, if nobody else does, I'll bite your toon if it's on NA-PC.
  • Dracindo
    PC/EU: Members of the Bloodmoon Tribe will give werewolf bites for free and offer you to join the werewolf guild.
    I think my bite becomes available again today or tomorrow.

    So yeah, just go to their shrines, and ask for a bite in zone chat. Whatever you do, don't buy the bites from the crownstore. You're better off spending that money on Crown Crates (scam too, though, don't do it either).

    PS: Being a Vampire is a curse, but being a Werewolf is a gift.
  • Glaiceana
    Yeah I would strongly recommend not buying them from the crown store. It's so easy to get free bites.
    If you add up the amount of crowns and gold we have potentially saved people in Priests of Hircine, it would be scary :D
    But yes, referring to your point, yes they should be available to all characters, if only to make it just a little bit more worth your money...
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  • Pele
    It doesn't need "fixing" or an account-wide unlock.

    I bought a WW bite because I couldn't be arsed to WTB WW bite in zone chat. With that one character, I'll bite guildmates and we'll swap bites back and forth on different characters until the size of our werewolf army matches our vampire army.

    To me, that one-time purchase was worth it, and my other characters become WWs because of it. ZOS has to make money somehow. Convenience items like this is one way, so I don't care that it's not account-wide especially since it's the convenience version of something that can be easily obtained ingame.
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