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New PvP char.. which one?

So, I'm pretty much bored with my stamblade now.. wanted to make another class.

This time, I want something thats a bit tanky and doesn't have a steep learning curve since I will spend most of my time on my stamblade anyway.
Btw, no magsorc please. :wink: Don't like that class.
Suggest something with a reason please.

  • scipionumatia
    magwarden- its new, its shiny, its weakest class ATM. create one and get your grind on so when it gets buffed next patch youll be OP-ready

    also the class has pretty good utility. I'm like lvl 40 now on mine, taking it slow but I can already tell the class has really good utility with snares, a portal that drops enemies next to you stunned, a free netch skill (which heals you for slightly under 2k health per cast as result of passives) it plays kinda like a DK/sorc/Templar combined (to me anyways) lets just fix that bear ulti and cliff racer skill and were in business.

    if you want something really durable go stam dk, theyre fun to play and strong.
    Scipio Numantia Red guard Nightblade PvP- AD
    Scipio Asiaticus Khajiit Nightblade (CRAFTER/DPS) PvE- EP
    Altmer Nightblade PvP- EP
    Fueoculto Breton Templar (DPS) PvE- EP
    Rasoculto Orc Dragon Knight PvP- EP
    Caethus Argonian Templar (HEAL) PvE- EP
    Vale Oso Nord Sorc (DPS) PvE- AD
    Sir-Galahad-the-pure Altmer Sorc (DPS) PvE- EP
    Scipionumantine Imperial Templar PvP- EP
    Un-bearable Imperial Warden PVP- EP
    Vale Bear Altmer Warden PvP- EP
    Baits-All-Zergs Argonian Dragon knight PVP- DC
  • Vapirko
    Well, how about mag DK? They're pretty tough. But really only tank builds are tanky in pvp, though after a NB anything will prob feel tanky. Templars still have the best burst heal. Stam DK can still be pretty tanky, but imo their burst sucks. You still hve to either build to damage or to defense, but I did put together a pvp tank and you canstill get a ton of assist kills using shield charge reverb bash ransack etc. it just gets a bit boring
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