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How do you link your ESO account to Steam?

With other games like Elite: Dangerous you just go to the Frontier Developments web site, log into your account and click a button to get a steam activation code. I don't see any method to do that on your account page. I have to say I really like Steam and use it as a portal for most of my games. I know I can create a launch link via steam but it won't be considered a steam game and you can't buy other content for the game via steam. It's a nice convenience and a good marketing channel for you product with their seasonal sales. I noticed Morrowind was on sale there and was going to buy but can't find a way to link accounts. Then I checked your store and saw it was 3 dollars cheaper than their sales price, but without Gabe in the loop it wasn't worth it to me to take the plunge. Stop roll-dodging my money ZoS!


Gabe thanks you in advance for his cut.
-Unknown American
  • SpookyPickle
    I think the only way you can link it is by purchasing a copy of ESO on steam.

    I don't have my account linked but I know plenty of people who do and they always seem to have issues. I've considered linking in the past but I honestly prefer it not linked and have less issues logging in and whatnot.

    If you link it everything eso related has to be purchased via steam. For me, it's more convenient to have them separated.

    But again if you want to link the only way to do so to my knowledge is buying it again through the steam store.
  • Betheny
    Also if you buy the game again through Steam it's separate from your regular account and you'll have to start over again.

    Lots of people come into the forums saying they wish they hadn''t used Steam to buy and launch the game, so if I was you I'd just stay with the regular launcher and the regular game prices.
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