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Hit through world by enemy, stuck

Soul Shriven
Hi, I need help with my account. As of right now I cannot play the game at all.

The problem: I was in Thibaut's Carin in Reaper's March, near the entrance being chased by enemies. With my back to the door I turned to fight and was upper cut and thrown backward, through the door and out of world. When my character stood, she started running in a direction and would not stop. When I tried to get her to run in a different direction, she would turn, and the camera could spin, but the second I let go of control she continues running in the stuck direction. qncc7vsokqpk.png

Eventually she fell off the edge of this checkered area and awkwardly clips around in the wall before reaching the bottom of said wall and falling infinitely through the world. After about 10 seconds of falling I get forced logged out with an error cited as spamming the chat. mv1rn7gdkoe0.png

My troubleshooting:
I have tried /stuck which shows this screen until I am force logged out. o6m567sn29yq.png
I have tried teleporting to a wayshrine as well as to a friend but it does not allow me to teleport while falling.
The support section of this website does not allow me to login to it. Like, I put in my info, spam enter, click the login button, but it appears the login button is just an image and not a link.
I've tweeted @TESonline

  • ThePonzzz
    Use IE (not Edge) and keep trying to click the support button. It's been an issue for awhile now.
  • Unstable.Pixel
    Have you tried queuing to a pvp zone?
    I swear to drunk i'm not god
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