Housing storage is not on "Zos radar" right now? does this mean slots increase not worked on?

I found a article on eso's reddit link is

"What about a storage for housing items?"

"That is not on our radar right now, because Elder Scrolls Online is a very large online game and those kinds of things go to the IT part of the game. We can’t just increase storage because Elder Scrolls Online is just not setup for that. We would love to, but we don’t have plans for it right now."

It's saddening because housing was a part of its own huge patch, zos is happy to take 80 plus dollars for virtual exclusive housing and they say this? And what pisses me off most is that they didn't enter into any of our recent increase housing slots threads to simply tell us it's not happening soon yet zos still released more crown exclusive housing and adds more furniture to put into our house... atleast transmog was confirmed though

Correction: author asks of housing storage will be added, not housing slots increased.
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  • aliyavana
    Ok nevermind the thread, the author asks if housing storage will be added, not if housing slots will be increased. Though I'd like a zos person to come and give us status on housing slots increase
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  • Juju_beans
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    Why not just save up and buy a bigger house with more slots ?
    Or buy some additional smaller homes to furnish ?
    Or, if you play free, enroll in ESO+ which increases the housing slots per home ?
  • BlackSparrow
    Juju_beans wrote: »
    Why not just save up and buy a bigger house with more slots ?
    Or buy some additional smaller homes to furnish ?
    Or, if you play free, enroll in ESO+ which increases the housing slots per home ?

    It's been forum consensus for a while now that, even with ESO+, the houses don't have enough item slots to make them look filled up and lived in before you hit the cap. It's actually worse in the larger houses, since the item cap doesn't increase proportionately with how much more space there is to fill.

    I'm also hoping he was just talking about separate furnishing storage, not item slots. :/
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