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Does this bother you at all?

So you are just contentedly fighting your mob/world boss/enemy/whatever you call it and some random player just comes up and starts fighting the mob with you. Does it bother you or are you grateful for the help?

I don't ask this because I'm bothered by it....usually I am extremely grateful for the help. I ask because if I see a fight, I'll usually try to help in some way. No one has ever said anything to me about it, but I've often wondered if my doing that annoys people. My main is a Templar so sometimes I'll just stand there and heal. Other times I jump into the fight feet first.
  • dwemer_paleologist
    it is killstealing, but in eso its not as bad as other mmo's
    so for me, doesn't really bother me, cause im maxed cp, but someone who needs to earn champion points probably get angry about you doing that.
    please increase sneak speeds.

    PC NA

  • Cadbury
    I also main a Templar and I have a weird compulsion to heal random battling players. But I usually only rush in to help if I see their health dip below half.

    So far, no one has sent me an angry text over it.
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  • KochDerDamonen
    Depends on the number of people
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  • Kamatsu
    Personally doesn't bother me if someone passing by jumps in and helps me kill the foes - while I might get less xp, I usually am not xp grinding on mobs anyways so meh. I personally tend to leave other players alone in their fights, unless I see them go under half health... in which case I jump in and try to save them.

    Unlike a lot of other/older MMO's, xp & loot is given to everyone who participated, so everyone gains something. In other/older MMO's mobs can either be tagged and/or the xp/loot goes to those who do the most damage... so it's too easy for someone to come along and killsteal everything from you if they can AoE everything faster then you and/or do damage way faster than you can.

    About the only time I get annoyed by others is if I've just entered a quest zone/area with mobs... and some others come in aoe'ing them all down before I can even get a hit in on them. As this obviously means no xp or loot for me - and while it might not be much, I'm not super high on Champion Points or super rich gold wise... so I do like to try and get some xp & loot from mobs as I quest *shrugs* (especially on under 50 toons).
  • phaneub17_ESO
    So if you are getting your butt kicked, would you want to get free heals from others or let them watch you die?
  • OlafdieWaldfee
    If I´m in a public dungeon, making my way to the first boss-location and ten people spamming AoE pass me by, killing every possible boss (the ones with the looooooooooong respawn-timers) before I even get the chance to touch it, I´m pissed because I have to wait. But, hey, the bosses will eventually return and so it´s no big deal.
    In the outdoors I´m usually greatful, because it saves me time and in nine out of ten cases it´s just one of those annoying "I´m placed here to slow you down on your way to your objective"-mobs.
  • CMFan1966
    So if you are getting your butt kicked, would you want to get free heals from others or let them watch you die?

    Give me the free heals every day of the year!!!
  • Tecorsuh
    Depends on the person really. Whether they care about it or not, there is no harm done; Exp is shared by people who did significant damage to the mob, and loot is distributed on a per player basis.

    The only time I use to get upset at people for attacking mobs that I am is when I was grinding exp. It is pretty obvious if someone is grinding exp. They tend to gather up as many mobs as they possibly can and AoE them down. When I use to do overland grinding with my wife, it would just *** us off when we would get a large pull of mobs and a group of "idiots" would run in and AoE our pull of mobs down. Literally no exp for anyone when that happens. Seriously, if the example group of mobs would normally give us 10k exp, it would get cut down to 2-3k or less if a group of people were to "help" us. Now imagine that group following you around and tagging every group you pull. We don't do any overland grinding anymore though, so yeah I don't really care if someone attacks mobs that I am.

    If you don't know the sweet spot for exp gained to number of people is 2. 1 person gains a standard amount of exp. 2 people get a bit of a bonus to the exp. 3 people get less than standard exp. A group of 6 people cuts the exp down significantly. A group of 12 almost cuts it down to almost nil. Exception being dolmens because you're awarded an activity completed experience, not just mob experience.
  • altemriel
    nope, let them exp too :smiley:
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  • Idinuse
    I don't mind at all actually. I did buy an MMO title after all. I'm not even botherd by the cowards that take a particular node I'm fighting 6 angry mobs to get myself anymore*. I just lol and keep going. :p

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  • CaptainBeerDude
    I don't really mind normally, but if I was there for an extended period of time, slowly chipping away at a boss, determined to kill it, and a group of 5 randomly shows up and nukes it, I'll be a bit upset.

    That name gets an awesome. :)
  • TheShadowScout

    I do that too, sometimes... when someone is fighting in my path, and I don't want to wait, I just hop in, help them finish the fight quick, and move on.
    Other times, I may just walk past and leave them to their fight. Depends on the mood and how easy it is to go past. And if I am on a levelling character (Grab de expees!) or one of my endgame characters (Eh, I am over CP cap already...)

    Sometimes it happens to me as well, and I just ignore it. Not worth wasting energy thinking about.

    The annoying ones are when its some miniboss I really want to kill myself for story purposes, or a tougher fight I wanted to solo... but hey, that's part of the package for an MMO world. If it is importnat to me, I can always want until respawn and do it again... and if I don't feel like waiting, it wasn't important.
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  • Enemoriana
    Help is good... usually.
    But it's annoying when you was fighting for long time alone - and then somebody comes practically to make last strike. Or close last pinion at Anchor. I like to do it myself, especially if I did all the work!

    Uninvited help is annoying even more if it makes fight much more difficult. Don't know how all this works now, didn't have such situations recently, but some time ago absolutely-not-liking-pvp-me wanted to kill one "helper". Very much wanted.
    I was fighting world boss. My clannfear was playing his usual role of tank, I was dealing damage, twilight was doing what she can (I believe that, although often I don't know even if she is fighting some enemy or just reading Lusty Argonian Maid and polishing nails while I'm distracted), it was long, boring and quite difficult, but I could do it alone, my health even didn't fall low, and boss had already half or even third.
    And then somebody low level came. 12 level or somewhat like that (I was not top, but quite high).
    Boss immediately forgot about clannfear - he paid attention to his most dangerous enemy.
    As - at least at that moment - always were when I was fighting world bosses together with somebody of lower level. That's not the role I used to (I became sorcerer not for getting something sharp and heavy right into my face!), and that boss was beating hard and painfully. I died quickly.
    And what about my uninvited companion? He died even faster. Usually people resurrect and tries to fight again - well, they at least want to defeat enemy, and I have nothing against them.
    But he resurrected at place and... run away.
    And I had to start all over again.
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  • Magdalina
    Depends. Generally I recognize I don't have a personal ownership of the mobs(and not like it matters anyway unless I'm grinding for xp which I hate doing), but really is annoying when you line up for a perfect WB solo, pack up all the ads nicely for dat destro ulti, then a random runs in and pulls the boss and half the ads right out of it just to promptly die x_x I realize that's not their intention, nor is it their fault if they're just new lowbie players but it really gets annoying. Just happened on a WB in Vvardenfell, a couple lowbies ran it and pulled everything out of 2 destro ultis in a row just to die right after XD Then res and proceed to run around trying to get away from boss, successfully pulling him out of all my ground dots. On actually challenging fights an unexperienced player is often more of a hindrance than a help unfortunately, even though it might seem otherwise at first sight.

    My absolute favourite so far was on the healing ogre boss in Wrothgar shortly after its launch - me and a friend grouped up to duo it, was no small feat back then but we were doing it, slow but steady, had the boss halfway down after maybe 10 mins...then a zerg of 12+ shows up...runs in, freaks out at the damage and runs away, pulling the boss with them...we /yell at them to stop running but it's too late - the boss was such an epic /facepalm moment lol.
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  • MLGProPlayer
    I don't help lower level players who are fighting mobs because I kill mobs with 2-3 light attacks. There is nothing fun about someone walking in on their fight and one-shotting the mob they were working hard to defeat.

    If it's a world boss, I'll usually jump in since those are challenging enough that my presence won't take away from the other player's fun.
    Edited by MLGProPlayer on June 19, 2017 9:44AM
  • Dracindo
    When farming for gold in public dungeons, don't touch my trash mobs! :angry:
    But I'll gladly see you at every boss, so I can get some stuff without my armor having to suffer for it <3
  • Yarlenzey
    It does.

    I wish there was open world pvp and pk system.

    Justice system plz.

    I steal kills.

    People in random dungeons don't seem to mind sorc players that can help win them the fight and the XP.

    If I find 'random group' farming a world boss, then yes, I walk right in and throw everything that I can at it. I die and revive at least five times during the fight and normally walk away with the kill. Sometimes I don't. I don't do the same spot twice, I move on. Several random 'group friends' have dumped me mid-play as they weren't winning anything. So, I don't play that way anymore;
    Some important facts:
    • Gameplay has been knobbled to lower the effects of my chosen character, so it's FAIR NOW.
    • If you keep being beaten, then maybe YOU made a mistake in what you chose as a character; or its configuration
    • This is the ONLY thing that I ever win; so GFY.

    on the 'Justice system'. Sure. I would nail every Palomino-riding Gandalfnnnnn that sprints in to steal what resource node I have just arrived at; or die trying. Good luck, it's already the 'lawless west' now.

    inb4lok al
    I got suspenders for saying "Testicular Mass" instead of "Balls". like, rilly.

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