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Game won't launch through steam.

As the title reads, my ESO won't open in steam anymore. I own the official steam version of the game, and it's worked fine for the almost 1000 hours I've put into it so far. The other day, however, it suddenly stopped opening whenever I hit play. My steam status goes to "In-Game" for half a second, then goes back to Online. No launcher shows up or anything. I tried deleting the whole game, clearing my registry, then restarting my system fully and reinstalling the whole game, but the same thing happens.

When I open the launcher manually from the Zenimax Online folder in steamapps, the launcher does pop up, but it's stuck on "Loading...". I can play the game just fine by manually launching ESO64.exe, but that's kind of a pain in the neck, and takes away from why I bought the steam copy in the first place.

Any help, Zeni? Or any players that know whats going on?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, this is the only game this is happening on. 10+ of my other games launch and play from steam just fine, ESO is the only issue I'm having.
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