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Want to move ESO (steam version) to another driver on PC

I wanted to ask what steps to take before i attempt doing that on my own.

I have mistakenly downloaded and installed the game a year ago through steam on my C driver but would like to move it to my F driver cus I'm getting out of space and it's where my windows files are on.

Steam has a new feature which lets you move games to different libraries in whatever location you want, and I've succesfully done that with every other game, but when I click on ESO's properties, it doesn't show me any option to move the game to a different Steam library.

What do I need to do to completely move ESO from my C drive to my F drive, whilst being able to launch it through Steam as well?

I've checked threads like this:

But would that allow me to launch the game without any errors?

Thanks in advance.

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