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Magicka Templar DPS PVP - Doubts and Suggestions

  • XuxuDoMangue
    Soul Shriven
    So, based on some comments here, since I'm looking for an effective group pvp build, I came out with 2 solutions:

    This one is a ranged build, I focused on maximizing magicka over regen because I plan to get magicka back with lightining staff heavy attacks. Dark Flare is for the burst damage, structured entropy to maximize damage, jesus beam for executing, and crushing shock would be the ranged spamming hability. Inner light to get the magicka and the critical buff.

    The backbar, focused on surviving, have aurora javelin to pull away some intruder, BoL (heals more certainly than HTD), Harness Magicka (i cannot survive some bursts without this shield, considering my max Health), Elusive Mist as the only one escape templars can have.

    Dont Know if 12k Spell Pen, 2.2k Spell Damage (buffed) and 46k Magicka on main bar is enough. Don't know if my skill bar choices are ok.

    The second one: The dive in build I was planning on the beginning.

    In this case, I don't know if my MaxMagicka/MagickaRecovery is enough, as well as my spell damage/spell penetration.

    I'm quite Ok with my resistances and HP/Stamina, but Don't Know if my skill choices are OK.

    Based on these two game styles, what would u guys recommend me?
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