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I have been really enjoyingthe fact that I deconstructed hundreds of items and deleated all but my main in Elder Scrolls Online. Now when I play I dont get all stressed out as to who to play and what to do! :-D
  • imnotanother
    Been playing a single character for almost 2 years. Just made an alt and started leveling up.

    It feels like I am cheating on my main.
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  • MidknightWolf
    Too funny. Im usually the same way. I got totally overwhelmed with multitoons lol.
  • parkham
    I wanted to get one of each class leveled up; I find myself playing one more now than the other. I have big respect for PVP/PVE Nightblades that can play them well - I'm terrible with it. I'm slightly less terrible with the others.

    I used to worry about getting writs and whatnot on each done every day but I don't worry about any of that stuff anymore. It's better that way. Monotask it, one goal at a time, take your time, drive on.


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  • Surragard
    I haven't played any of my alts in quite some time. I don't have as much time to play as I did at launch so concentrating on the main makes more sense.
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  • Rickter
    204 days and counting /played on my main! #onecharacter4lyfe
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  • darthsithis
    170 on my only char! Master one its so much fun to be hella good
    Message me if you want to do trials/dungeons, or need a trading guild! Flawless conqueror magsorc with a bad sense of armor fashion.
  • Kodrac
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