The Golden Mudcrab Trading Guild now recruiting! [Sentinel trader]]

Are you always, and I mean ALWAYS running out of gold in ESO? Trying to save up for a new armor set but it's too expensive and your income is too slow? Well, look no further! The Golden Mudcrab is a brand new trading guild on PS4 looking for new members.

Guild Goals:
1. To secure the best possible guild trader each and every week.
2. Establish an inner circle of players to help run the new guild. (This can be you!)
3. Make ALL members as much gold as possible.
4. And to make new members feel at home and welcome.
5. Establish the Golden Mudcrab as one of the most prestigious trader guilds on PS4.

Guild Raffles
Guild Raffles will be held every week, prizes and ticket prices can vary. Free Raffles will also occur regularly, though we will ask for donations. Raffle ticket sales will go towards securing a guild trader, and winner(s) will be informed via mail and will also be posted on the MOTD.

Guild ranks
1. Guild Herald: Leader of the guild, controls the guild bank and bids on traders, as well as the below benefits. (Jofootballo)
2. Inner Circle: Second in command, highly trusted group of about 8-10 players. The inner circle can control promotions, the kicking of members, and also have access to the guild bank, as well as the below privileges. Achieve this rank by donating frequently, selling frequently, recruiting many other members, and/or helping the guild in any way possible. The inner circle should represent everything the Golden Mudcrab has to offer.
3. Associate: Second highest rank possible, the associate has access to officer channels, can edit member notes, and claim and release alliance resources. The associate group means you are now a candidate for an inner circle seat, so to get promoted, selling and recruiting frequently is your best shot at getting noticed. Achieve this rank by selling frequently, donating on occasion, participating in raffles, and recruiting other members.
4. Trader: The trader ranks means you are a regular in the guild. They have benefits such as inviting members and selling in the guild store. Achieve this rank by selling in the store, making one or two donations, or bringing one friend.
5. Initiate: You are a new guild mate. Fortunately for you, moving up the ranks can be a very fast process in the GM. Prove yourself trustworthy and you'll be in the inner circle before you know it. Achieve this rank by joining the guild.

Final Notes
- The MOTD for the guild can be rented for a day to advertise.
- Donations and raffle prizes will be the primary source of gold in order to secure a trader, so please donate in order to continue growing the guild. This gesture is greatly appreciated and will not go unnoticed.
- Bring your friends! Great guilds are built on great guild communities!
- Contact Jofootballo for admission or if you have any questions/concerns (ESO mail, a PlayStation message, or replying to this post works best)
- Donations can be deposited directly into the guild bank or mailed to Jofootballo
- Thank you for reading my post and hopefully we'll see you online soon!
Edited by Jofootballo on February 25, 2017 8:04PM
  • Jofootballo
    Edited by Jofootballo on February 9, 2017 9:45PM
  • DelfLordBob
    Soul Shriven
    PSN DelfLordBob
  • Jofootballo
  • Lazz315
    Would love an invite PSN: Stugots315
    Edited by Lazz315 on February 11, 2017 3:13PM
  • iamkeebler
    can I get an invite too? PSN: iamkeebler
  • svyx33
    Please invite. PSN: Svyx333
  • Jofootballo
  • Jofootballo
  • jevans824
    I'm in if you don't mind having a master craftsman with plenty to sell and trade.

    PSN ID: TheQatarian
  • Logan614
    PSN is Empalemint
  • arya_elaeyadar
    Soul Shriven
    would love to join! PSN: Ariane314
  • Jofootballo
  • Matthew_P671
    Soul Shriven
    Please invite.
    PSN: Matthew_P671
  • Spyros_drunk
    Soul Shriven
    Would like to join.

    PSN: Spyros_drunk
  • Dmac8024
    Soul Shriven
    would like an invite. psn: dmac8024
  • mcjeff74
    Soul Shriven
    Is there a weekly required amount to donate?
  • Jofootballo
    Nope we are a free guild based on donations, the more people donate, the better trader we get
  • MrSimotoSan
    Soul Shriven
    Could i get an invite? PSN: MrSimotoSan
  • mcjeff74
    Soul Shriven
    I'll take an invite please. Psn is yeozon
  • curreh
    Soul Shriven
    I would love to join! :) PSN: BackwardsPanther
  • Jfeltch
    Soul Shriven
    Love to join PSN: xJxFxExLxTxCxHxx

    IGN: Xquestmasterx
  • Thebaxtoro24
    Soul Shriven
    would love to join your guild! PSN: thEbaxtoro24
  • TruthSeeker
    Hi Jofootballo :)
    You say that members can achieve Trader rank by selling their stuff, so can Initiates sell in the Guild Store?
  • DMD_K1ller895
    Soul Shriven
    I'd like to talk to you about joining. I'm only level 8 but I got the game 3 days ago. Im having help to level up. Please add me. Deadly_Gamerr
    ^^Ps4 Gamertag
  • Jofootballo
    Yes initiates can sell in the store, all of you will be added by 2 today :)
  • Thecheesmann
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join and finally start selling off what I've collected. PSN: TheCheeseman95.
  • deacon.jeffries_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Sent a message. PSN: deaconjeffries
  • Jofootballo
    All above are added
  • Kanereno
    Can I get an invite, am dying to get back into the good old merchant business, psn is Kanereno
  • mcjeff74
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks for the invite !
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