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Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v2.7.5, featuring Homestead! This free update introduces our player housing system with 39 uniquely-themed homes you can acquire throughout Tamriel. With over 2,000 individual decorative and furniture options, plus Furnishing Crafting, you’ll have a lot of options available to make your home truly yours.

In addition to this massive new system, we’ve also added Master Crafting Writs, four new Motifs, and updated several sources of itemization in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, all of which are detailed below. You’ll also find that we’ve put a focus on improving the balance across all classes and skills.

As always, we’ve made several fixes and improvements to all previously DLC game packs and the base game patch. We can’t wait to have you play our latest update, which is approximately 3.36GB in size. Thanks, and enjoy!

  • Homestead Basics
  • Acquiring a Home
  • Home Previewing
  • The Housing Editor
  • Home Decoration
  • Specialty Furnishings
  • Furnishing Sourcing
  • Furnishing Crafting
  • Housing Permissions
  • Housing Achievements
  • List of Homes

  • Master Crafting Writs
  • New Motifs
  • Imperial City Vendors
  • Cyrodiil Vendors
  • Quest Rewards from Towns in Cyrodiil
  • Dungeon Ready Check
  • Razer Chroma Support
  • Champion Point Increase
  • Cyrodiil Campaign Changes


  • DLC Game Packs
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Imperial City
    • Orsinium
    • Thieves Guild
  • Base Game Patch
    • Alliance War
    • Art & Animation
    • Audio
    • Combat & Gameplay
    • Crafting & Economy
    • Crown Store & Crown Crates
    • Dungeons & Group Content
    • Exploration & Itemization
    • Quests & Zones
    • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Update 13 features Homestead – player housing is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online! As such, you may now acquire and decorate homes across Tamriel. Homestead features 39 homes spread throughout many zones in the base game. Homes can be found in a variety of interesting locations across Tamriel, and each is available for purchase.

    Homestead Basics
    Except for your first entry-level inn room, which is free after completing a short quest, all of the initially-available homes or inns from other alliances can be purchased with in-game gold or crowns.
    • You may own one of every home, all the way up to all 39 available at launch!
    • Homes are shared across all characters on your account.
    • Homes are split into several tiers, by size:
      • Inn Rooms: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
      • Apartments: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
      • Small Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
      • Medium Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
      • Large Homes: 10 total, 1 for each of the 10 playable races
      • Manors: 3 total, 1 for each alliance
    • Home ownership is tracked in the new Housing tab of the Collections window.
      • This tab describes each home in detail, and allows you to travel to that particular home.
      • This also displays any homes that you haven't yet acquired and allows you to preview them, which you can read more about below.
    • All 36 of the apartments, homes and manors can all be purchased with either gold (as long as the achievement prerequisites are met) or crowns.
      • Once obtained, a home is yours forever! There is no rent to pay, or any other form of ongoing maintenance costs.
    • Homes have limits on the number of items, collectibles, and visitors that may be present, with larger homes having higher caps.
      • The number of objects you can place in your home is doubled for those with an active ESO Plus membership.
      • In the event your ESO Plus membership lapses, you won’t be able to add any additional items to your home until you drop below the regular item cap. You will be able to remove items in order to do so.
    • Dueling is allowed in homes, but is disabled inside inn rooms and apartments.
    • Pets, Assistants, and Mounts cannot be summoned inside of homes, but can be placed inside homes as decorations.
      • Once placed, Assistants can be used as normal.

    Acquiring a Home
    There are three ways to acquire a home in Homestead:
    • Purchase the home in the Crown Store for crowns.
      • Open the Crown Store and explore the new “Housing” tab.
      • From there, you can preview and then purchase any of the new homes via crowns.
    • Find Canthion the Housing Broker to acquire a quest that grants you a free inn-room.
      • Canthion the Housing Broker can be found within the banks of Daggerfall City, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard, depending on your alliance. If you want a free inn-room – highly recommended! – talk to him, and he will bestow the quest.
      • Completion of this quest awards the small inn-room located in the zone associated with your alliance.
      • Afterwards, you may purchase the other inn rooms for a nominal fee or can repeat the quest on another character in a different alliance to acquire the other rooms.
    • Find homes scattered across Tamriel, making sure you have completed any prerequisites, and purchase them for in-game gold.
      • First, you must find the home in-game, click on the door, and follow the purchasing instructions.
      • Most homes require you to complete certain prerequisites before you can purchase them for gold. For example, to purchase the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, you must have previously completed the Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant achievement.
      • You must own the Imperial Edition version of ESO in order to purchase any Imperial homes.
      • Homes can be purchased for crowns at any time, bypassing the above requirements.

    Home Previewing
    The easiest way to preview homes you have not yet purchased is to go to the new “Houses” section in the Crown Store, highlight the home you want to check out, and click “Preview”. This will teleport you to the home so you can do a walkthrough while making your purchase decision. You can also preview homes from the Collections window, and also by simply finding the home in the world and clicking on its door. Previewing brings you into a personal experience where you can explore the prospective home, including both furnished and unfurnished versions.
    • Unfurnished homes may be purchased with gold or crowns, and generally come with a small number of items such as plants and rocks (if the home has a yard) and candles (to light the interior of the home).
    • Furnished homes may only be purchased with crowns. Each furnished home is pre-decorated with a tasteful selection of items, which are yours to keep or adjust at your leisure.
    • You may switch between unfurnished and furnished previews at any time, and the preview will adjust on the fly accordingly.
      • It is not possible to preview a home after you've already purchased it, or to purchase the furnished version of a home if you've already purchased the unfurnished version (or vice versa).
      • Once you make your purchase, you will automatically load into your new home and can start editing it immediately.

    The Housing Editor
    The housing editor contains multiple tabs and categories for ease of asset selection.
    • The Place tab allows you to place furnishings and collectibles from a categorized list of available options.
    • The Purchase tab contains a large list of furnishings available for a la carte crown purchase.
      • Nearly every item in the Purchase tab is also available via crafting or from other in-game sources with a few exceptions for items found exclusively in Crown Store bundles.
    • In addition to directly selecting any placed items in editor mode, you may also retrieve placed furnishings from a list of placed items in the Retrieve tab of the editor, without needing to locate them in the home.
      • Additionally, the Retrieve tab indicates the direction and distance to each item in your home.
    • You can also search each tab by item name to further filter your results.

    Home Decoration
    Furnishings are a new kind of inventory item that may be placed in a home, and can be identified by the word “Furnishing” on their tooltip. These function like any other inventory item until it is time to place them in a home.
    • After you enter a home you own, you can enter the housing editor and start placing furnishings.
    • Once placed, a furnishing is removed from your inventory or bank and is stored in the house, counting towards the maximum number of items that can be placed in the home.
      • You can see how close you’re getting to the item limit in the House Information panel of the Housing Editor. From there, you can see the current and maximum value for Furnishings and Collectibles.
    • You can place each object at any location and at any angle. The only limitation beyond the Furnishing caps is there is a small safe area near the main entrance which cannot be filled with items.
      • Note that certain furnishings such as chairs and crafting stations may not be usable if placed at an unusual location or orientation (you’ll know if an item usable if it highlights green).
    • In addition to furnishing items, you can also place assistants, mounts, non-combat pets, and a new category of furnishing collectibles called Trophies that includes Undaunted Busts.
      • There are separate limits for furnishings, furnishing collectibles, and other collectibles such as pets or mounts.

    Specialty Furnishings
    Many types of housing objects have additional functionality when placed, including the following:
    • Assistants
      • Any of the currently-available Assistants (Nuzhimeh the Merchant, Pirharri the Smuggler, and Tythis Andromo the Banker) can be placed in your home, and will offer their services to you and visitors as normal.
    • Light Sources
      • Objects such as torches, braziers, and lamps can be lit or extinguished at will after being placed.
    • Seating
      • Many chairs, thrones, benches, pews, stools, and other seating objects throughout Tamriel are now interactive. You just need to approach the furniture and interact with it to sit down, provided there is room and the furniture is placed in an accessible location.
        • This applies to seating placed in homes as well as those found in the world.
        • Seating objects that aren't placed in a level, open area may not be valid for interaction.
    • Target Skeletons
      • A Target Skeleton can be used to practice with new weapons and abilities, or to practice combat in general. It does not fight back, but is a resilient opponent, roughly as difficult to put down as the second boss from Veteran Spindleclutch II (Bloodspawn).
        • For those who want a more resilient opponent, there is a Robust variant available that has roughly twice as much health.
      • To learn to craft a Target Skeleton, you can purchase the plan from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator in each alliance capital, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
        • Writ Vouchers are obtained through Master Writs, and Rolis Hlaalu will appear after you start or complete a Master Writ. You can find the description for these below.
      • Crafting a Target Skeleton requires one or more Animus Stones in addition to a variety of other ingredients.
        • The Animus Stone is a new crafting material that is also available in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
      • Shortly after being defeated, the Target Skeleton will reform itself automatically.
      • After fighting a Target Skeleton, you will get a report in your chat log that indicates your damage per second as well as the length of the fight.
    • Guild Reprints of Shalidor's Library
      • After you complete a collection from Shalidor's Library, a Mages Guild reprint of that collection will be available on any Mystic for a moderate fee.
      • Each reprint contains individual volumes of every book in that collection. These reprint volumes can be placed in your home, and you or your guests can read them at any time.
      • Reading a reprint volume does not grant Mages Guild reputation or progress towards Shalidor's Library--only the original version of a book counts for that!
    • Standard Crafting Stations
      • Crafting stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, for a moderate number of Writ Vouchers.
      • Once placed in the home, these can be used like any other crafting station.
      • Note: Crafting stations will not work if placed at an angle or inside other objects.
    • Attunable Crafting Stations
      • Attunable Crafting Stations can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, in exchange for Writ Vouchers.
      • These items can be activated at any item set crafting site in the world, permanently attuning the station to the unique energies of that item set and binding the station to you.
      • Once attuned, the station can be placed as a furnishing in your home and used by you and your guests to craft items from the set it is attuned to.
    • Unique Objects
      • There is also a variety of unique objects, from Dark Anchor Pinions that open and close, to decoy Elder Scrolls that swap between offensive and defensive visual effects, all with their own unique interactions and effects.
      • As time goes on, expect us to expand this category!

    Furnishing Sourcing
    Home furnishings can be found from a number of sources, including:
    • Furnishing Crafting
      • See the Furnishing Crafting section below this one for the juicy details!
    • Luxury Furnisher
      • A new NPC, Zanil Theran, can be found in the Hollow City within Coldharbour over the weekend and has a cycling inventory, similar to Adhazabi Aba-daro the Golden in Cyrodiil.
      • Look for Zanil Theran inside “Cicero’s Food & General Goods” when he sets up shop!
        • He’s on his way to Coldharbour now, and is scheduled to make his first appearance on the weekend of February 24th.
    • Achievement Furnishers
      • Some items are gated by a specific achievement or accomplishment, and is themed to that requirement.
      • Completing the requirements listed on the item will allow you to purchase copies of the item for gold or AP.
      • These can be found throughout Tamriel, including in Cyrodiil, and offer rewards for various heroic deeds.
        • In addition, several pre-existing merchants will offer achievement furnishings related to their specialties.
      • Each item is bind on pickup.
    • Home Goods Furnishers
      • These vendors can be found throughout Tamriel in each alliance’s main city and all capitals, and offer a number of basic home commodities as well as local plants and natural stone from the region they are located in.
    • Purchase Tab in Housing Editor
      • Furnishings purchased from the Housing Editor are bound to your account, but may be moved to other homes that you own.
      • These items are purchased for crowns, and cannot be sold for gold.
    • Undaunted Busts
      • Beginning with Homestead, the final boss of each Veteran Dungeon, Trial, or Arena will drop a collectible bronze bust of one of the iconic monsters from that piece of content.
        • Busts are account-wide collectibles, and can be placed once in each owned home.
        • Busts from Trials and Arenas include a marble stand.
        • There are a total of 34 Undaunted Busts available in Homestead.
    • Fishing
      • Though rare, you may catch aquatic-themed decorations while fishing at a fishing hole.
      • These decorations will differ based on the type of fishing hole – some things come from the ocean, while others come from fresh waters. For example, Starfish can only be found in oceans and not from lakes.
    • Shadowy Supplier
      • The Shadowy Supplier will rarely award one of a selection of Dark Brotherhood-themed decorations.

    Furnishing Crafting
    You can now craft furnishings for yourself, your friends, or to sell to others!
    • To craft a furnishing, you will need to obtain a specific furnishing plan, similar to the way existing Provisioning recipes work.
      • All tradeskill disciplines now have a new tab at their respective stations for furnishing plans.
      • Each tradeskill has a unique type of plan and primarily uses a new type of material:
        • Woodworking Blueprints primarily use Heartwood, from lumber nodes.
        • Blacksmithing Diagrams primarily use Regulus, from ore nodes.
        • Clothing Patterns primarily use Bast, from fibrous plants, or Clean Pelts, from beasts and other sources of leather.
        • Alchemy Formulas primarily use Alchemical Resin, from mushrooms and alchemy plants.
        • Enchanting Praxises primarily use Mundane Runes, from runestones.
        • Provisioning Designs primarily use Decorative Wax, from crates, barrels, and other sources of provisioning ingredients.
      • Plans can be found in containers across the world, purchased from certain merchants, dropped from monsters, or even obtained from pickpocketing (or murdering) Tamrielic citizens.
      • Higher quality plans will require knowledge from multiple tradeskills.
        • Example: An elaborate canopy bed may require rank 9 in the passive skill Woodworking, rank 7 in Tailoring, and rank 3 in Metalworking.
    • Furnishing crafting also utilizes several additional types of materials:
      • Furnishings in a particular racial style require multiple style items associated with that race.
        • You do not need to know the Motif of a race to learn or craft their furnishing plans.
      • Rosins, Tempers, and Tannins are often needed for Green-quality furnishings and higher.
      • Each plan is unique, and certain special plans may require custom ingredients be located and included.
    • All plans, ingredients, and output items are tradeable.

    Housing Permissions
    You can choose to allow or restrict access to each of your homes as desired, and may set different permissions for each of your guilds and on a per-individual basis. You can even ban specific individuals, while allowing the rest of a guild access (just in case you want to hang out with most of your guildies, but Tony keeps spilling mead on your favorite rug).
    • Players with Visitor access may interact with your placed furnishings but may not move anything, whereas those with Decorator access may relocate items freely.
      • Note: Other players may not add or remove housing items from your home regardless of their access settings.
    • As a homeowner, you can set a primary residence. This primary residence is used to determine which home is visited when friends or guildmates try to visit your home while you are offline. When you are online, other players may social jump directly to you in any home, provided they have access to that home.
    • Homeowners may rescind access to visiting players at any time, resulting in the immediate eviction of that player from their home.
    • You can also immediately copy the Permissions settings of a previous home to any new home when purchasing a new home, and can modify permissions for individual homes.

    Housing Achievements
    In Homestead, you can expect to see a variety of new achievements for everything from decorating your home in a certain way, to learning an impressive number of furniture plans, to beating up Target Skeletons. Of particular note, we’ve added four new titles:
    • Clan Father or Clan Mother, awarded for acquiring the Aldmeri Dominion Manor, Serenity Falls Estate.
    • Lord or Lady, awarded for acquiring the Daggerfall Covenant Manor, Daggerfall Overlook.
    • Councilor, awarded for acquiring the Ebonheart Pact Manor, Ebonheart Chateau.
    • Count or Countess, awarded only after you’ve acquired all three of the titles above.

    List of Homes
    • Staple Homes
      • Inns
        • Mara's Kiss Public House: As the least restricted seaport in the Summerset Isles, Vulkhel Guard has visitors from across Tamriel—and you're likely to meet most of them hoisting a mug at the Mara's Kiss Pub.
        • The Ebony Flask Inn Room: The Dark Elves may not worship Dibella, but down at the cornerclubs they show that they still know how to have a good time—in their own special way.
        • The Rosy Lion: This inn has always had the reputation of being the safest place in Daggerfall for common citizens in search of illicit services to meet their shadier counterparts.
      • Apartments
        • Barbed Hook Private Room, 11,000 gold: Like every busy port, Skywatch has a seamy underside. A private room at the Barbed Hook offers easy access to the criminal classes—and a quick escape from the nearby docks.
        • Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret, 13,000 gold: Even if you don't personally have a taste for the famous fire-pit dancing at the Flaming Nix, you have to admit it adds a certain cachet to having a room there. Not to mention an unusual fragrance.
        • Sisters of the Sands Apartment, 12,000 gold: In Sentinel, the best way to hide out in plain sight is with a private room in the Sisters of the Sands, the town's largest inn. It also has the best food in the city, and is the place King Fahara'jad sends to for take-out.
      • Small Homes
        • Autumn's-Gate, 60,000 gold: In the heart of The Rift, just outside the lively, small town of Nimalten, you will find this sturdy wooden home, with a large hearth to keep you warm in the Skyrim winter, and a stone wall to keep out the trolls.
        • Black Vine Villa, 54,000 gold: Would you want to live in an old stone house just across a dark jungle stream from a haunted Ayleid ruin? Silly question—who wouldn't?
        • Captain Margaux's Place, 56,000 gold: The famous Breton merchant-explorer Captain Margaux hasn't been seen since her ship the Golden Spriggan sailed off over the horizon into the Sea of Pearls—which makes her house near the docks in Daggerfall available for you!
        • Cyrodilic Jungle House, 71,000 gold: An Imperial, of course, is at home anywhere in Tamriel. This compact house at the Baandari Trading Post in Malabal Tor is a bit of Cyrodiil in Valenwood, and just steps away from the fine food and drink at the Silver Moons Inn.
        • Hammerdeath Bungalow, 65,000 gold: "It may be small, but at least it's gloomy. And if you enjoy beating up on your friends, like I do, it's right next door to the arena!" —Goorguk gro-Murtag, Orcish Realtor
        • Humblemud, 40,000 gold: A mud house is a constant reminder of the impermanence of life, and that we are but standing waves in the river of existence. But one still wishes it to look nice and comfortable, and decorates accordingly. Of course.
        • Kragenhome, 69,000 gold: This residence might not be in Kragenmoor's best neighborhood, but if you're looking for classic Dunmeri architecture at an affordable price, this town house certainly fits the bill.
        • Moonmirth House, 50,000 gold: A small elevated house on an idyllic plantation in the mild and hospitable clime of Khenarthi's Roost? This one would find that sweet paradise!
        • Snugpod, 45,000 gold: A perfect graht-oak pod home, grown by a Home Singer from the very roots of Elden Root—compact, comfortable, and convenient to everything. Praise Z'en!
        • Twin Arches, 73,000 gold: It may be small but it's solid, and it keeps the sandstorms out. The scenery is magnificent, but if you're in the mood for civilization, it's right outside the south gate of Hallin's Stand.
    • Classic Homes
      • Medium Homes
        • Bouldertree Refuge, 190,000 gold: When civilization grows too confining, it's a relief to be able to withdraw into a handsome home in the wilds—especially one with an imposing wall around it, to keep out beasts and bandits.
        • Cliffshade, 255,000 gold: Just outside the Aldmeri settlement of Marbruk, the forest is wide and open, the climate is mild, the setting idyllic: the elegant home of Cliffshade seems an abode blessed by the gods.
        • Domus Phrasticus, 295,000 gold: No one has seen Phrastus the Scholar since his ill-advised return to the Imperial City. He's probably fine—he must be!—but in the meantime, his walled town house in Elinhir is available on an indefinite basis.
        • Grymharth's Woe, 280,000 gold: Fine urban living in Windhelm is now available at this commodious town home, which features a lofty main floor, two fireplaces, and a second-floor balcony. Alas, that balcony lacks a railing, which is how Grymharth, after too much mead, came to woe.
        • House of the Silent Magnifico, 320,000 gold: After the death of his beloved daughter Haruzeh at the Running of the Dunerippers, the Magnifico Z'za retired to his house in Sentinel and never spoke again, spending his last days playing endless games of hammergammon with his trained monkey, Lizard.
        • Mournoth Keep, 325,000 gold: This fortified household is strong, intimidating, and remote—in short, everything an Orc holds dear. And if you get tired of the "remote" part, there's a convenient wayshrine just outside your gate!
        • Ravenhurst, 260,000 gold: Two floors, no waiting, in this handsome walled town house makes for prime real estate in the quaint Rivenspire town of Fell's Run. The local story that the ravens that loiter around the front steps are the revenant spirits of former owners is absurd.
        • Sleek Creek House, 335,000 gold: All your friends are already nearby in Rawl'kha, yes? Invite them over to have a party at your so-sleek riverside house, with its private garden and over-creek deck. Much sweetness!
        • The Ample Domicile, 195,000 gold: “This house is a good house, plenty of room for guar! Palisade is strong to keep guar from straying, and many guar can feed in the garden! Very good, yes! Esqoo will come to visit often!" —Esqoo of Dhalmora
        • Velothi Reverie, 323,000 gold: This charming abode was named after both the Prophet Veloth who founded the surrounding town of Narsis, and the Velothi Mountains that rise above the walled garden at its rear.
      • Large Homes
        • Dawnshadow, 1,275,000 gold: Ah, such a sweet estate, with every appurtenance—out in the country, yet convenient to the nearby Khajiiti metropolis of Dune! What can one do but love and admire it?
        • Forsaken Stronghold, 1,285,000 gold: When Hakkvild drove the Orcs of Yashnag's Kingdom out of Falkreath in 2E 467, the exiled Orsimer came east to establish Forsaken Stronghold. But the last Orcs died in 563 after they were visited by a merchant infected with Knahaten Flu.
        • Gardner House, 1,015,000 gold: The Gardners were the royal family of Wayrest before every single one of them was carried off by the Knahaten Flu. Which is why the spacious and well-situated Gardner House feels like it's fit for a king!
        • Hunding's Palatial Hall, 1,295,000 gold: This elegant pleasure palace, with its walled grounds enclosing stables, well, gardens, pool, watchtower, and docks, were paid for by the blood and treasure spilled from the countless treasure ships taken by the legendary Captain Izad.
        • Mathiisen Manor, 1,025,000 gold: This elegant walled estate is truly the apogee of Aldmeri architecture, including a grand entrance hall, curving double staircases, and a blossom-tree garden with circular reflecting pool.
        • Old Mistveil Manor, 1,020,000 gold: By tradition, the biggest mansion on the south side of Riften is always called Mistveil Manor. Since the death of old Thane Snelgar, the current Mistveil Estate has come available, including its impressive stone mansion with attached stable.
        • Quondam Indorilia, 1,265,000 gold: This capacious Dunmeri mansion, with its walled garden and view across a waterfall to majestic Mournhold, was originally built to house a noble family of House Indoril.
        • Stay-Moist Mansion, 760,000 gold: How does this spacious and comely hilltop manor, so far above the fen, nonetheless stay so delightfully damp? It is a paradox, like life itself. (Don't miss the upper-story lodging with separate entrance!)
        • Strident Springs Demesne, 1,280,000 gold: This fortified manor between Arenthia and Skingrad at the headwaters of the Strid River should satisfy all those who aspire to the life of the landed gentry. Inside the gatehouse you'll find gardens, a waterfall, and a mansion in Second Empire style.
        • The Gorinir Estate, 780,000 gold: The Gorinir family, a cadet branch of the royal Camoran line, has fallen on hard times and had to sell their palatial Cormount home. The seasons turn, luck changes, and their loss is your gain.
    • Notable Homes
      • Manors
        • Daggerfall Overlook, 3,780,000 gold: Before Daggerfall Castle was built, the kingdom's rulers lived in this imposing manor, now known as Daggerfall Overlook. The keep comes complete with a lower dungeon level.
        • Ebonheart Chateau, 3,785,000 gold: A magnificent castle keep, complete with walls, watchtowers, well, fountain, and stable, all dramatically sited on the slopes of an active volcano! It just needs a murder, and then it will be haunted as well.
        • Serenity Falls Estate, 3,775,000 gold: Set in a quiet corner of Reaper's March, the rural manor of Serenity Falls deserves its name, with plenty of room for servants and livestock, all behind a handsome wall to keep out the bandits and burglars.
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    Master Crafting Writs
    Maximum-tier Writ reward boxes for all tradeskills now have a chance to provide a special invitation to craft a very specific item or set of items.
    • These invitations may require any materials or knowledge associated with the tradeskill, even if you don’t yet possess it.
    • These invitations are tradeable, consumable, and indicate the number of Writ Vouchers awarded upon successful completion of the contract.
    • The frequency of Master Writ invites from standard Writ boxes is based on the overall associated tradeskill mastery possessed by the character.
      • This includes research, Motif knowledge, and achievement completion.
    • Writ Vouchers are a new form of currency awarded exclusively through the completion of Master Writs.
      • Writ Vouchers may be redeemed through purchases from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator, who also accepts Master Writ deliveries at Writ turn in locations in each of the alliance capitals.
      • More difficult, rare, and expensive crafted items provide more Writ Vouchers on average than their more commonplace counterparts.
      • Currently, you can obtain the following items from Rolis Hlaalu in exchange for Writ Vouchers:
        • Style Items, individual Motif chapters, and the complete book for the Ebony Motif
        • A variety of Legendary Furnishing plans
        • The recipe and unique component for the “Target Skeleton, Humanoid” and “Target Skeleton, Robust Humanoid”
        • The recipe and unique component for Aetherial Ambrosia
        • Crafting station Furnishings for each tradeskill, and a dye station Furnishing
        • Attunable crafting stations for Blacksmithing, Clothier, and Woodworking tradeskills, which can be used near crafted item set sites to transform them into Furnishing versions of those set stations
        • Hlaalu Furnisher’s Document, a sealed envelope containing a random Furnishing plan of Purple quality
    • Please note that Master Writs only accept pristine, unused items. Bound items cannot be used to complete Master Writs.

    New Motifs
    Update 13 brings four new Motifs for you to collect and craft!
    • The Silken Ring style can be found in the Cradle of Shadows dungeon, available in the Shadows of the Hist DLC game pack.
      • The chapters can be obtained from killing the final boss of the dungeon: rarely on Normal mode, more often on Veteran mode, and a guaranteed drop on Veteran Hard mode.
      • The Style Item, Distilled Slowsilver, can be obtained from killing bosses in the Cradle of Shadows dungeon: rarely on Normal mode, somewhat more often on Veteran mode, and guaranteed from the final boss on Veteran Hard mode.
    • The Mazzatun style can be found in the Ruins of Mazzatun dungeon, available in the Shadows of the Hist DLC game pack.
      • The chapters can be obtained from killing the final boss of the dungeon: rarely on Normal mode, more often on Veteran mode, and a guaranteed drop on Veteran Hard mode.
      • The Style Item, a Leviathan Scrimshaw, can be obtained from killing bosses in the Ruins of Mazzatun dungeon: rarely on Normal mode, somewhat more often on Veteran mode, and guaranteed from the final boss on Veteran Hard mode.
    • The Ra Gada style can now be found in Craglorn.
      • The chapters of the style are rarely available from completing Focus Points, and very rarely found by killing Delve and World Bosses, opening locked Treasure Chests, or following Treasure Maps.
      • The same holds true for the style item, Ancient Sandstone, which is more commonly found from the above-mentioned sources.
    • The Ebony style can now be obtained from Rolis Hlaalu, the Mastercraft Mediator.
      • Individual chapters of the style, or the whole book, can be purchased for Master Writ vouchers.
      • The Style Item, Night Pumice, can also be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu for Master Writ vouchers. 

    Imperial City Vendors
    The vendors in Imperial City have had their wares updated!
    • The Tel Var Greater Lockbox Merchant is now known as the "Tel Var Equipment Lockbox Merchant".
      • These boxes now contain armor, weapons, and jewelry for every Imperial City set in all traits except Impenetrable and Nirnhoned.
      • Their prices have also been reduced.
    • The Tel Var Lockbox Merchant is now known as the "Tel Var Jewelry Lockbox Merchant".
      • They now sell Jewelry Boxes for each Imperial City item set; these boxes contain a gold-quality piece of random jewelry from that item set.
      • These jewelry pieces can possess the Healthy, Robust, or Arcane item trait depending on the item set.
    • The Tel Var Armorer and Greater Armorer are now known as the "Tel Var First Armorer" and "Tel Var Second Armorer".
      • The First Armorer sells the item sets Black Rose, Meritorious Service, Phoenix, Powerful Assault, Reactive Armor, and Shield Breaker.
      • The Second Armorer sells the item sets Galerion's Revenge, Imperial Physique, Thews of the Harbinger, and Vicecanon of Venom.
      • They both sell armor for the item sets available in Imperial City in Impenetrable directly to you (with no intermediate container item).
    • In addition to the satchels of Alchemical reagents introduced in a previous update, the Tel Var General Merchant now sells the Superb Imperial Reward box, which has been reduced in price. This vendor now also sells Alkahest, as well.

    Cyrodiil Vendors
    • The vendors found in the base camp of the alliances in Cyrodiil have changed significantly.
      • Some vendors, finding that their wares simply aren't selling very well, have left for greener pastures. They might return in the future when they find new markets to serve.
      • There is now a Regional Equipment Vendor in the base camps of Cyrodiil. These vendors sell "Zone Bags" of all Alliances' home zones.
        • Each Zone Bag offers a random item from a random item set, otherwise found in that zone. For instance, the Unknown Alik'r Desert Item container might contain an item from the Robes of the Withered Hand, Sword-Singer, or Order of Diagna item sets.
        • The items in the Zone Bags are typically Blue-quality, with a small chance of being Purple-quality.
        • Equipment found in Zone Bags will scale to your level at the moment you open it.
      • There is now a War Researcher vendor in the base camps of Cyrodiil. These vendors have taken some of the work of the Siege Vendors, to ease their burdens.
        • The Akaviri Motif chapters, and the Style Items for Akaviri and Alliance styles, are now found in the War Researcher's store.
      • An Enchanter can now be found in the base camps of Cyrodiil. They sell runes in exchange for Alliance Points.
      • The Elite Equipment Vendor's wares have been renamed. They no longer bear the name of Hew's Bane.
    • The vendors found in the capturable towns have had their wares slightly modified.
      • The boxes now list which item sets are available inside them.
      • The prices of the containers have been reduced by 75%.
      • Because of their use elsewhere in Tamriel, we have removed some item sets from the capturable towns' wares and containers. They include:
        • Armor of Truth
        • Barkskin
        • Crusader
        • Durok's Bane
        • Noble Duelist's Silks
        • Prayer Shawl
        • Robes of Onslaught
        • Sergeant's Mail
        • Twin Sisters

    Quest Rewards from Towns in Cyrodiil
    The five towns of Cyrodiil - Bruma, Cheydinhal, Chorrol, Cropsford, and Vlastrus - now offer better compensation for completing their citizen’s quests!
    • The quests will now reward AP for completion and a Reward Container that represents the town's wares when captured.
      • These containers have a single item from one of the town's item sets.
      • The item inside may be Green, Blue, or rarely Purple-quality.
    • As Cheydinhal and Chorrol cannot be captured, Cheydinhal sources "Attacker" sets and Chorrol gives "Defensive" sets from the other three towns.
      • This means that every item set from the towns in Cyrodiil is available from the quest rewards of two different towns.

    Dungeon Ready Check
    We’ve updated the way the Dungeon Finder forms groups. When your dungeon group is ready, you will no longer immediately be put into a group. Instead, all 4 members of the group will have to verify that they are ready for the dungeon.
    • Once everyone says they are ready, the group will form and be sent to the dungeon.
    • If someone declines or times out, they will be removed from the queue, and the other three members will be placed at the front of the queue.
    • These changes were made to reduce the amount of AFK players entering dungeons, and also give you the option to decline a dungeon group prior to it being formed.

    Razer Chroma Support
    In this update, we’ve added support for Razer Chroma devices!
    • This new feature will work automatically when you have a supported device plugged in, and have the Razer software installed.
    • Your character’s alliance will determine the default color.
    • Special callouts will occur when your Quickslot and Ultimate are ready, when your character dies, and when a notification is received.
    • Additional functionality and options can be created through addons; all details will be provided in the API notes.

    Champion Point Increase
    The Champion Point cap has been raised by 39 points (13 in each red/blue/green constellation) for a current total maximum of 600 Champion Points. The Champion Point experience curve has been automatically adjusted with this new cap so earlier Champion Points require less experience and can be earned faster.

    Cyrodiil Campaign Changes
    The Campaigns Spellbreaker and Ebony Blade will be closing on the PC European megaserver.  If you are currently assigned to these campaigns, you will receive a free re-assign, and rewards will be granted out as if the Campaign had ended naturally.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Wearing the Pumpkin Spectre Polymorph or Scarecrow Spectre Polymorph currently prevents you from previewing furniture. This will not occur if you change to a less-spooky appearance.
    • Assistants that are placed underwater will have an interact prompt, but may not actually be interactable. In the future, submerged assistants will not try to offer their services.
    • Assistants will not turn to face you if you approach them from the side or behind. They will turn their head as much as they can comfortably, but will not otherwise turn.

    • The Alliance Hero Shield achievement furnishings are currently sold only in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points, and are limited to members of the associated alliance. In a future update, these shields will also be available at the Global Achievement Furnisher in each Alliance’s capital city for gold to anyone who has completed the associated Alliance Hero achievements:
      • Pact Hero Shield
      • Covenant Hero Shield
      • Dominion Hero Shield
    • A small number of furnishing items that were originally designed to hang from walls will appear partly sunken into the ground when using the Surface Drag or Align tools in the Housing Editor.
    • Certain placeable furnishing plants have larger than intended selection boxes. This may make it difficult to select other nearby objects unless you are very close to the object in first person mode.
    • There are currently two different items named “Orcish Table, Kitchen”, and two different items named “Orcish Table, Formal”. In both cases, the green quality item will be renamed in a future update.
    • The “Mushrooms, Poison Pax Group” furnishing cannot be laundered when stolen, which prevents this furnishing from being placed in a home. This will be retroactively corrected in a future update.
    • Furniture in the Crown Store currently has blank entries for Furnishing Behavior in their tooltips. This affects Gamepad Mode only.
    • There is currently no Lighting category in Crafting Stations. Instead, these are found under Shrine, and will be fixed in an incremental patch.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Combat & Gameplay
    Champion System
    • The Apprentice
      • Arcane Well: Fixed an issue where this Champion ability would interfere with some Sacrament Quest secondary objectives.

    • Chanter Collatinus, Enclave of the Hourglass
      • Reduced the strength of the guards preceding Chanter Collatinus.
    • Minotaurs now correctly count as giants for loot and achievement credit.

    Monster Abilities
    • Bodyguard
      • Shard Shield now correctly returns damage to attackers.
    • Minotaur
      • Clobber and Elemental Weapon can no longer be interrupted.
      • The damage from Elemental Pool can no longer be blocked.
      • Elemental Waves from a single Minotaur no longer strike the same target multiple times.
      • Flying Leap now correctly displays an axe thrown to the target location.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Fixed an issue where Nirnroot and Water Hyacinth would incorrectly appear as pools of water in the Gold Coast.

    Quests & Zones
    Kvatch Arena
    • You will no longer hear opening taunts from Order Champions and Knight-Commander Panthius if you are not in the vicinity of the Kvatch Arena.

    • A Lesson in Silence: Increased the range at which Sermonizer Fithia and her guard will aggro once the event has begun.
    • Debt of War: Razum-dar no longer yells loud enough to be heard by everyone in his vicinity.
    • Welcome Home: Fixed an issue where Mirabelle’s left arm would pop out of place while using her fan. Ouch!
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Combat & Gameplay
    Monster Abilities
    • Flesh Colossus
      • Miasma Pool no longer causes animations to display incorrectly if the target of the ability is immediately killed.
    • Necrotic Hoarvor
      • The damage from Necrotic Explosion can no longer be mitigated by blocking.
      • The damage over time from Vile Bite can no longer be mitigated by blocking.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Waxed Apothecary's Parcels can now be quickslotted, and will appear in the Consumables section of the inventory.
    • The Grievous Ward, awarded for completing Imperial City Prison, can now be dyed and re-enchanted.
    • Removed some errant jewelry traits from the Tel Var-purchased boxes in Imperial City. Now, the Jewelry pieces obtained from those boxes will only contain the trait that matches their armor weight:
      • Light armor sets will have Arcane.
      • Medium armor sets will have Robust.
      • Heavy armor sets will have Healthy.
      • Imperial Physique, being available in all three armor weights, has all three jewelry traits.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Combat & Gameplay
    Monster Abilities
    • Great Bear
      • The following abilities can no longer be interrupted:
        • Bite
        • Ferocity
        • Lunge
        • Slam
      • Bite no longer causes the bear to stop moving.
      • Lunge can now be cast while silent.
      • The damage from Mitigating Slam has been made more intuitive.
      • Slam no longer cancels prematurely if the target moves out of its cone.
      • Slam can now be cast while silent, and now threatens a larger area.
    • Ogre Elder
      • Freeze Wounds no longer fails to display an interrupt telegraph when its caster is also the target.
      • Freeze Wounds now displays a beam to the healed target.
    • Orcs
      • Orcs in Rkindaleft no longer stab themselves with mysteriously ethereal weapons while idle.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Fixed an issue where Nirnroot and Water Hyacinth would incorrectly appear as pools of water in Wrothgar.
    • Adjusted the distribution of Maelstrom weapons obtained from the Maelstrom Arena via the Leaderboards and drops.
      • Previously, this was divided evenly by weapon category (Destruction Staff, Two Hand, etc). Now, it is based on the individual item type (Dagger, One Handed Sword, etc), and all damage weapons within the item type have an equal probability to drop.
      • In addition, when a Dual Wield weapon is awarded, you will receive two Dual Wield weapons.
      • We also slightly reduced the drop chance for Healing Staves, Bows, and One Hand and Shields.

    • Maelstrom Arena Perfect Run: Updated the text for this achievement to more clearly represent its requirements. The updated text reads "Complete Veteran Maelstrom Arena in a single attempt, without dying or leaving the arena."

    Quests & Zones
    • Invitation to Orsinium: Fixed an issue if you followed the scent, you could hear multiple versions of Karina and Arusha's VO.
    • Nature's Bounty: Fixed an issue where grouped player characters could get double credit in specific scenarios.
    • Quarry Conundrum: Fixed an issue where the light puzzle would get out of sync while in a group if one player pulled the lever prematurely.
    • Scholarly Savage: Fixed an issue where the quest pins on the map displayed different text than the actual quest objective while looking for torn pages.
    • The Anger of a King: Talviah will no longer be visible outside after you've entered the Vosh Rakh Council Chamber.
    • To Save a Chief: Bazrag will no longer repeat himself after you leave Fharun Prison.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Art & Animation
    • Khajiit eyelids will no longer become distorted when using the Assassin personality.

    • The Outlaw Ancestor Silk mask will no longer clip into Khajiit heads.
    • The Darkstride Medium Helm and Mighty Chudan Helm will no longer appear as black when viewed from a distance.

    Combat & Gameplay
    • Unlocking chests during a heist will no longer reveal you from stealth.

    Monster Abilities
    • Haj Mota
      • Bite’s damage over time effect can no longer be mitigated by blocking.
      • Bog Burst now cancels correctly when the Haj Mota leashes during a cast.
    • Mournful Aegis
      • Fixed an issue where blocking Binding Strain would cause animations to display incorrectly.
      • Shattered Harmony now animates correctly.
    • Sentinel
      • Fool Me Once can no longer be interrupted.
    • Stealth Archer
      • Poisoned Arrow can no longer be interrupted.

    Exploration & Itemization
    • Fixed an issue where water skins, Nirnroot, and Water Hyacinth were erroneously appearing as pools of water in Hew's Bane, rendering them invisible and yet still strangely damp.

    Item Sets
    • Fixed an issue where rings from the Syvvara's Scales and Bahraha's Curse item sets would drop less often than intended, and necklaces from these sets would drop more often than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Well-Fitted shields in Maw of Lorkhaj sets were Bind on Equip instead of Bind on Pickup as originally intended.

    Quests & Zones
    • A Faded Flower: Fixed an issue where Nahrani would not respawn as a follower if your character died in the Weaver's Storeroom.
    • A Secret Shame: Using the spirit catcher in a group will no longer increment the quest multiple times.
    • Prison Break: Grouped player characters can now share advancement for unlocking the cell.
    • Suspects and Sabotage: Stealing the ledger can now be shared among your group.
    • The Long Game:
      • Grouped player characters who interact with pass phrase documents at the same time will no longer double-increment the discovery step.
      • Compass pins will now work properly inside the Iron Wheel Headquarters.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Alliance War
    • Increased the AP rewards for quests that direct you to capture resources and keeps. 
      • Completing a quest to capture a resource will now grant 1000 AP. 
      • Completing a quest to capture a keep will now grant 1500 AP.
    • Completing quests from towns will now grant 250 AP per completed quest, and will also now grant a green-level set item.
    • Capturable towns in Cyrodiil now display the status of individual flags on the compass while in the areas of those towns. 
    • Increased the base amount of AP for capturing resources to 1,500 AP.
    • Increased the base amount of AP for capturing a keep to 6,000 AP.
    • Increased the base amount of AP for capturing a town to 1,500 AP.
    • Increased the base amount of AP for capturing an Imperial City District to 1,500 AP.

    • Fixed an issue that caused Warhammers of Truth to drop with a Magicka armor enchantment instead of the intended Magicka Absorb enchantment.
      • The containers that source this item are no longer sold, but this change applies to any new Warhammers of Truth that may come from containers previously purchased.
    • Pyn Virien, found in the town of Chorrol, is now a Weaponsmith and offers the standard selection of goods shared by similar merchants throughout Tamriel. In fairness to her, her cart is still broken, so the news of One Tamriel took a very long time to reach her ears.
    • The Faceless Staff, dropped by The Faceless in Cyrodiil, now has a proper gold value.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Art & Animation
    • You can now properly dye the Colovian Filigreed Hood and Colovian Fur Hood, obtained from the New Life Festival.
    • The claws of Khajiit and Argonian player characters will no longer be removed when wearing boots from the following armor sets:
      • Medium Soul Shriven boots
      • Medium Dark Brotherhood boots
      • Light Skinchanger boots
      • Light Malacath boots

    • NPCs will now hold the broom properly while sweeping.
    • The correct mount animation will now play when you get onto the Banded Guar Charger mount.
    • Fixed an issue where Cyrodiil Menders would not finish their animation when using the ability Shattering Prison.
    • Fixed an issue where your thumbs would appear to be contorted when opening doors in first-person mode.
    • Fixed an issue where the face of Varon Davel (located in Deshaan) would shake uncontrollably during conversations.
    • Fixed an issue where the eyes of some Aldmeri female characters would painfully pop through their eyelids.
    • The proper crouching animation will now be used when you loot a chest or are in the process of lockpicking.
    • If you jump during an emote, the animation will now be much smoother.
    • Fixed an issue where your facial expressions could get stuck after using an emote. No more angry faces!
    • When using the /eatsoup emote, you will now actually eat out of a bowl like a civilized citizen.
    • Barrel and crate lids will no longer hover above their bases.
    • Fixed an issue where weapon swapping while on your mount would interrupt your mount’s animations.
    • You will now consistently see the fast travel animation after you are dismounted from your mount.
    • The proper animations will now be displayed when you move after switching weapon types.

    • The bushy-looking beard will no longer merge with other facial markings when equipped.
    • Fixed an issue where seams could be visible on the Celestial Bow.
    • The Molag Kena shoulder armor will no longer float or clip through your character.
    • The Nightflame shoulder armor will now have better fitment on smaller-sized player characters.
    • The Celestial Rawhide helmet will no longer contort during combat.
    • Removed a clipping dagger from Bolgrul from the Undaunted Delve Dailies.
    • The Chokethorn Helm will no longer appear as black when viewed from a distance.
    • The New Life Monk's Cap now displays all proper dye channels.
    • Khajiit claws will now remain visible when equipping Yokudan medium bracers.
    • Toe claws on Khajiit and Argonian player characters will no longer clip through Dark Brotherhood medium armor sets.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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    Staff Post
  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Combat & Gameplay (continued)
    • Aedric Spear
      • Binding Javelin (Piercing Javelin morph):
        • Fixed an issue where Rank III of this morph had a 20 meter range instead of a 28 meter range.
        • Reduced the cost of this morph by approximately 20%.
    Developer Comments
    As all Weapon skill lines have a 20% Stamina cost reduction passive, we also included this reduction with class Stamina morphs. Binding Javelin and Biting Jabs were missed when this initially happened. Fixing this bug and giving these abilities their correct costs helps Stamina Templar with some of the sustain issues they were having.
    • Biting Jabs (Puncturing Strikes morph):
      • Reduced the cost of this morph by approximately 20%.
      • The damage from this morph can no longer be dodged.
    Developer Comments
    Changed as part of our overall Area of Effect consistency pass as described earlier.
    • Blazing Spear (Spear Shards morph):
      • Increased the duration of this morph to 8 seconds from 6 seconds, causing it to tick damage an additional 2 times; however, it no longer stuns the enemy when it first hits them.
      • The ticking damage from this morph now has the same radius as the initial damage.
    Developer Comments
    We took the stun off of Blazing Spear and increased its damage over time duration to help differentiate it from Luminous Shard. We want Blazing Spear to be damage focused, and Luminous to be CC focused. Note: We’re still working through a solution that makes Luminous feel unique from the other CC abilities, while maintaining the functionality of effectiveness on blocking targets.
    • Focused Charge: Increased the speed of the animation played by this ability and its morphs.
    Developer Comments
    Since there is already a waiting period on charge abilities as you move to close the gap, we have increased the speed of the “leaping stab” animation that happens once you finally reach your target. This should make Focused Charge feel more responsive and allow you to more fluidly transition into other abilities after completing the charge.
    • Piercing Javelin: Increased the speed of the projectile fired by this ability and its morphs by 40%.
    • Radial Sweep: The damage from this ability and its morphs can no longer be dodged.
    Developer Comments
    Changed as part of our overall Area of Effect consistency pass as described earlier.
    • Spear Shards: Decreased the time it takes for the spear from this ability and its morphs to land after being cast at the target location to 750 milliseconds from 1100 milliseconds.
    [*]Dawn’s Wrath
    • Backlash:
      • This ability and its morphs now deal moderate damage when they are initially applied to the enemy. This damage does not contribute to the copied damage delivered at the end of the ability’s duration.
      • Increased the amount of copied damage by this ability and its morphs to 20% from 18%.
      • Fixed an issue where damage that was absorbed by a damage shield was not being copied.
      • The initial damage and final damage dealt by this ability and its morphs can no longer be blocked.
      • The final damage dealt by this ability and its morphs can no longer critically strike, and is no longer reduced from Battle Spirit (note that the initial damage and maximum damage limit are both still reduced by 50% from Battle Spirit).
      • The copied damage from this ability and its morphs is now increased by 50% against other player characters, reduced from 100%.
    Developer Comment
    We want to see Backlash as a burst damage ability that you can use in solo PvE or PvP content. To accomplish this, we increased the amount of copied damage. This increase is higher in Cyrodiil to account for both Battle Spirit and the play styles of enemies; enemy players are much harder to hit with 5 seconds of unhindered attacks.

    Making the damage unblockable ensures it behaves consistently when compared to Daedric Curse. Both those abilities are similar in functionality and how they thematically apply their damage. This also ensures that Backlash is not double penalized by block, since some of the damage it copies will likely be blocked or avoided by enemies seeking to minimize Backlash’s final attack. Hitting the maximum damage limit against another player now requires a significant amount of uninhibited damage from the Templar, and enemies will have more counterplay in reducing Backlash’s burst damage if they actively mitigate or avoid damage.

    Changing Backlash’s final damage so it no longer critically strikes prevents the Templar from reaching the damage cap too easily with a high Critical Strike rating.  
    • Eclipse:
      • This ability and the Total Dark morph can now be placed on an unlimited amount of targets.
      • This ability and its morphs will now deal their Area of Effect damage even if the target dies.
    • Power of the Light (Backlash morph): Fixed an issue where this morph’s damage was being mitigated on the target’s Spell Resistance instead of their Physical Resistance.
    • Radiant Destruction: Decreased the damage from this ability and its morphs by approximately 21%.
    Developer Comment
    The damage of Radiant Destruction was so high that players were able to cast this on targets with high health values and still deal effective damage. This change makes it more important to use the ability at the correct time. In PvP, other players now have more time to react, and in PvE the rotation requires using multiple abilities for a longer period of time.
    • Restoring Light
      • Healing Ritual: This ability and its morphs no longer heal the casting Templar for an additional 30%.
      • Honor the Dead (Rushed Ceremony morph): Fixed an issue where this morph’s refund bonus was not occurring if you healed the target to above 75% Health.
      • Lingering Ritual (Healing Ritual morph):
        • Renamed this morph to Hasty Prayer.
        • This morph no longer applies a small burst of healing after 8 seconds. Instead, it allows you to move and cast the ability at full speed.
      • Radiant Aura (Restoring Aura morph): This morph now increases the radius of the Minor Magickasteal to 25/26/27/28 meters.
      • Restoring Aura: Redesigned this ability and the Radiant Aura morph so they continue to grant the Minor Recovery buffs (Fortitude, Endurance, and Intellect) while slotted. Activating this ability also now applies Minor Magickalsteal to all enemies in a 12 meter radius around you.
      • Ritual of Rebirth (Healing Ritual morph): This morph no longer decreases the cast time of the ability by .2 seconds. Instead, it now fires an additional single-target heal after the cast is complete to one ally outside the ability’s normal radius.
    Developer Comment
    The change to Ritual of Rebirth and Lingering Ritual improves the mobility of Templar healers and meshes better with our high mobility gameplay.

    • Two Handed
      • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
        • Uppercut
        • Critical Charge
        • Cleave
        • Reverse Slash
        • Momentum
    Developer Comment
    This change is aimed at newer players. Our intention for this weapon line and the ones below is getting players into the habit of using their primary damage ability as soon as possible.
    • One Hand and Shield
      • Power Bash: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could not proc Weapon Enchantments or Poisons.
      • Shield Wall: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not blocking all the secondary effects from blockable monster attacks.
    • Dual Wield
      • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
        • Flurry
        • Twin Slashes
        • Whirlwind
        • Blade Cloak
        • Hidden Blade
      • Lacerate: All animations and visual effects will now display properly when using this Ultimate.
      • Shrouded Daggers (Hidden Blade morph): Reduced the cost of this morph to match its base ability, Hidden Blade.
    • Bow
      • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
        • Snipe
        • Volley
        • Magnum Shot
        • Arrow Spray
        • Poison Arrow
      • Hawk Eye:
        • Increased the amount of times this passive ability can stack to 5 times from 3 times. It continues to increase your damage with Bow abilities by 2/5% per stack.
        • Increased the duration of the buff granted by this passive to 5 seconds from 4 seconds.
    Developer Comments
    Increasing Hawk Eye’s duration makes it easier to maintain the buff stacks, therefore improving Bow DPS in PvE. The duration is still short enough to reward players using a pure Bow-focused playstyle, without buffing builds that only use Bow to throw down Volley and Poison Arrow.
    • Rapid Fire: The bow and arrow used for this ability will now point in the same direction.
    [*]Destruction Staff
    • Adjusted the order of the Active Abilities in this skill line. They now unlock in the following order:
      • Force Shock
      • Wall of Elements
      • Destructive Touch
      • Weakness to Elements
      • Impulse
    • Elemental Storm:
      • Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could occasionally cause your ground-target reticle to become stuck and prevent you from using other abilities.
      • Reduced the damage for this ability and its morphs by 5%.
      • Reduced the damage done by this ability and the Eye of the Storm morph by 10%. The damage from Elemental Rage remains unchanged.
    Developer Comments
    The size of this ability coupled with the mobility of Eye of the Storm has made it extremely potent in PvP without allowing enough counterplay. Due to this, we’ve reduced the base damage but allow you to regain that damage by selecting the Elemental Rage morph. This is similar to previous changes we made to Force Shock and Uppercut – you’ll now be choosing between extra damage or extra utility.
    • Ancient Knowledge: This passive ability no longer decreases the cast time of your Destruction Staff Heavy Attacks by 5/10%. Instead, it grants you a bonus as long as you have one Destruction Staff ability slotted. This bonus depends on your staff type:
      • Flame Staves: Increases your single-target damage dealt by 4/8%.
      • Frost Staves: Increases the amount of damage you Block by 10/20%, and reduces the cost of Block by 15/30%.
      • Lightning Staves: Increases your Area of Effect damage dealt by 4/8%.
    • Elemental Drain (Weakness to Elements morph): This morph no longer restores a flat value of Magicka whenever you deal Flame, Frost, or Shock Damage to the target. Instead, it applies Minor Magickasteal to them.
    • Elemental Ring (Impulse morph): This morph no longer adds a small Damage over Time component to the ability. Instead, it allows you to cast the ability at a ground-targeted location up to 28 meters away.
    • Force Shock: This ability and its morphs can no longer be reflected. Beam-type attacks cannot be reflected, but are able to be blocked.
    • Tri Focus:
      • This passive ability now taunts the enemy after you use a fully-charged Frost Heavy Attack.
      • This passive ability now causes your block to drain Magicka (instead of Stamina) and stops your Magicka Recovery (instead of Stamina Recovery) while blocking when you have a Frost Destruction Staff equipped.
    Developer Comment
    With these changes and the updates to Ancient Knowledge, we’re giving Frost Staves the capability of being used by tanks. This opens up a lot of new possibilities and builds we’re excited to see for both PvP and PvE content. We’ll be heavily monitoring the effectiveness of Frost Staff tanking in both types of content to determine if further changes are needed.

    To ensure Frost Staff tanking can be used as soon as you can enter dungeons at level 10, we’ve put a taunt on the heavy attack; this means you don’t have to gain ranks with the Undaunted faction to start experiencing this playstyle. This does have the potential to cause issues with players who have Tri Focus and are doing DPS with a Frost Staff. We’re aware of this potential issue and will make adjustments in the future as needed.
    • Restoration Staff
      • Force Siphon: This ability and its morphs no longer heal for a flat value of Health whenever you deal damage to the target. Instead, they apply Minor Lifesteal to a target.
      • Regeneration: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not correctly prioritizing low-health targets that did not already have the Heal over Time applied.
      • Siphon Spirit (Force Siphon morph): This morph no longer restores 1% of your Maximum Magicka when you deal damage to the target. Instead, it also applies Minor Magickasteal to the target.

    • Heavy Armor
      • Rapid Mending: This passive now increases the amount of resources your Heavy Attacks restore by 12/25% from 25/50%.
    Developer Comments
    Part of the counterplay against a Heavy Armor enemy is to stop attacking them for a short period (to drop their Wrath stacks and not trigger their Constitution passive), but Rapid Mending made it so they could still restore a significant amount of resources, even if you were trying to avoid them. Reducing this should ensure Heavy Armor is more about constantly taking damage to maximize its strengths.
    • Wrath:
      • This passive now increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 5/10 for each stack, down from 10/20, but it now stacks up to 20 times, up from 10 times.
      • Reduced the duration of this passive’s bonus to 5 seconds from 6 seconds.
    Developer Comments
    Shortening Wrath’s duration and allowing it take longer to build up its stacks to its full potential should allow more counterplay against Heavy Armor enemies, and take them longer to ramp up their power when engaging in combat. This also helps promote a berserker-type playstyle with Heavy Armor where you get more powerful the longer you stay in combat.

    • Soul Magic
      • Soul Strike: Removed 350 milliseconds of empty channeling time without another tick of damage occurring from this ability and its morphs. Total damage dealt with these abilities remains unchanged.
    • Vampire
      • Clouding Swarm (Bat Swarm morph): This morph no longer causes your character to pulse invisibility every second it is active. Instead, activating the swarm now allows you use the ability again to instantly teleport to an enemy up to 22 meters away and deal high damage. This teleport can be used as many times as possible within the swarm’s duration.
    • Werewolf
      • Pursuit: Fixed an issue where this passive ability was being removed when your character died.
      • Rousing Roar: Increased the duration of the Major Brutality buff provided by this morph to 20/21/22/23 seconds from 4/4.3/4.7/5 seconds.

    • Fighters Guild
      • Circle of Protection: Increased the duration of this ability and the Ring of Preservation morph to 20 seconds from 10 seconds.
      • Rearming Trap (Trap Beast morph): Decreased the damage done by each trap summoned from this morph by 30%.
      • Turn Undead (Circle of Protection morph): Increased the duration of this morph to 24 seconds from 12 seconds.
    • Mages Guild
      • Balance (Equilibrium morph): Increased the duration of the Major Resolve and Major Ward buffs granted by this morph to 20 seconds from 4 seconds.
      • Fire Rune: Increased the initial damage done by this ability and its morphs by approximately 11%.
      • Magelight:
        • Activating this ability while you have a Restoration Staff equipped will no longer break its animations.
        • Fixed an issue where the permanent Major Prophecy buff from this ability and its morphs was removing other temporary sources of Major Prophecy.
      • Scalding Rune (Fire Rune morph): Increased the damage of the Damage over Time component of this morph by an additional 33%.
    • Undaunted
      • Blood Altar: Due to the changes to Minor Lifesteal outlined below, this ability and its morphs now apply Minor Lifesteal to all enemies within the radius instead of allies within the radius.
      • Trapping Webs: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs would Critically Strike based on your Spell Critical instead of your Weapon Critical.

    Alliance War
    • Emperor
      • Monarch: Fixed an issue where this passive ability was only increasing the healing received from your own heals instead of all heals.
    • Support
      • Revealing Flare: Reduced the cost of this ability and its morphs by 50%.
      • Stalwart Guard (Guard morph): Fixed an issue where the permanent Minor Force buff from this morph was removing other, temporary sources of Minor Force.

    Champion System
    • The Atronach
      • Riposte: Fixed an issue where this Champion ability was triggering 100% of the time when you blocked a melee attack instead of 15% of the time.
    • The Lady
      • Unchained: This ability now reduces the cost of a single Stamina ability by 80% for 5 seconds instead of reducing the cost of all Stamina abilities used within 3 seconds by 80%.

    Dark Anchors
    • Ozozzachar can no longer be targeted while landing, and now takes reduced damage until he has fully recovered from the landing sequence.
    • Xivkyn, Grievous Twilight, and Flesh Colossus now award experience when killed.
    Edited by ZOS_GinaBruno on February 6, 2017 3:07AM
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Combat & Gameplay (continued)
    • Monsters that use potions will now display an interrupt telegraph earlier.
    • Fixed numerous issues where icons associated with monster abilities were displayed on your Character UI without a purpose.

    Monster Abilities
    • Bloodfiend
      • You’ll now hear an audio effect when Flurry and Slash strike their targets.
    • Bone Colossus
      • Bone Colossus abilities now cast while silent.
      • Bone Colossus area effects now threaten the indicated area (previously there was a mismatch).
      • Bone Saw is no longer attempted when no targets are available.
      • Skeletons summoned by Wake the Dead now scale with the difficulty of the summoner.
    • Bonecrafter
      • Bone Surge has been made more effective.
    • Bonelord
      • Bone Cage now correctly deals damage, and can be cast multiple times while in combat.
      • Bone Cage now vanishes with the first root it applies.
      • Bonelord abilities now cast while silent.
      • Mitigating Entropic Bolt has been made more intuitive.
      • Undead creatures summoned by Summon Abomination now scale with the difficulty, faction, and location of the summoner. Bonelords are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
    • Dreadweaver
      • Dark Shade now scales with the difficulty, race, and location of the summoner. Dreadweavers are now vulnerable while a dark shade is active.
      • Dark Shades now apply Minor Maim with each hit and deals Magic damage.
      • Dreadweaver abilities now cast while silent.
    • Eviscerator
      • Dragonknight Standard now casts while silent and also has a cast time.
      • Dragonknight Standard now interfaces correctly with Major Defile (previously it would stack with other sources of Major Defile).
      • Focused Charge has been replaced with Blink Strike.
      • Eviscerators no longer attempt to use Dragonknight Standard on player characters standing in a Dragonknight Standard.
    • Fear Mage
      • Reduced the cast time for Aspect of Terror.
      • Aspect of Terror now causes targets to flee if they are farther than 15 meters from the Fear Mage.
      • Fear Mage abilities now cast while silent.
      • Shadow Cloak now behaves like the player ability Shadow Cloak and will be used when a target is in proximity to the mage.
    • Frost Imp
      • Attacks made by Frost Imps no longer invisibly damage you.
    • Frost Mage
      • Ice Barrier can no longer be interrupted.
    • Harvester
      • Black Winter now casts while silent, and now strikes targets once every half second, up from once every second.
      • Feast now waits a moment before traveling to the Harvester.
      • Mitigating Chasten has been made more intuitive.
    • Lamia
      • Harmony no longer severely reduces incoming damage for the duration of the channel, instead doubling Spell and Physical Resist for the duration of the effect if it is not interrupted.
      • Harmony now highlights those under its effects.
      • Howling Strike now damages all targets in a cone.
    • Lamia Curare
      • The heal from Convalescence has been made more effective.
      • Convalescence no longer targets monsters with over half health, and now prioritizes targets with low health.
      • Lamia Curare abilities now cast while silent.
      • Spectres summoned by Summon Spectral Lamia now scale with the difficulty, faction, and location of the summoner. Lamia Curares are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Strike is now used on targets within melee range (instead of Shockwave).
    • Mage Guard
      • Shock Torrent now interfaces correctly with the player ability Shadow Cloak.
    • Necromancer
      • Creatures summoned by Summon the Dead now scale with the difficulty, faction, and location of the summoner. Necromancers are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Empower Undead now increases the Physical and Spell Resistance of the target instead of reducing the damage received by the target.
      • Empower Undead now more reliably boosts a target’s attributes (previously, it would occasionally make the creature less powerful).
      • Necromancer abilities now cast while silent.
    • Nereid
      • Avoiding the damage from Icy Geyser has been made more intuitive.
      • Frost Bolt can no longer be interrupted, and also now casts while silent.
      • Hurricane no longer attempts to target objects outside its area of effect, and also now casts while silent.
      • The snare from Hurricane now displays the snare visual effects.
      • Interrupting Hurricane now puts the ability on cooldown.
      • Icy Geyser has the following changes made:
        • The ability can no longer be interrupted by circle-strafing the nereid.
        • Reduced the time Icy Geyser can be attempted to 8 seconds from every 20 seconds.
        • This ability no longer allows the caster to move while its cast is in progress.
        • This ability now casts while silent.
        • This ability now tracks the targeted player character briefly before choosing its location.
      • Mitigating the damage from Frost Bolt has been made more intuitive.
    • Pet Ranger
      • Creatures summoned by Call Ally now scale with the difficulty, faction, and location of the summoner. Pet Rangers are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Roll Dodge now casts while silent.
      • Trap Beast can now cast multiple times in a single combat, and now casts while silent.
      • Trap Beast now has an arming time and accurately messages who it affected and for how long.
    • Shaman
      • Aura of Protection can now resummon after it is destroyed.
      • Mitigating Coiled Lash has been made more intuitive.
    • Spider Daedra
      • Lightning Onslaught will now threaten you more predictably.
      • Lightning Storm now targets crowd controlled player characters. Previously, this was limited to player characters affected by Spiderling webs.
      • Spider Daedra abilities now cast while silent.
      • Spiderlings summoned by the ability Summon Spiderling now scale with the difficulty and location of the summoner. Spider Daedra are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Spiderling Web and Summon Spiderling is now preceded by a cast animation.
    • Spirit Master
      • Burdening Eye has been made more visible, and requires you to remain in proximity for a limited time before it explodes.
      • Burdening Eye no longer applies a root, but its snare field lasts much longer.
      • Spirit Master abilities now cast while silent.
    • Spriggan
      • Beasts summoned by Summon Beast now scale with the difficulty and location of the summoner. Spriggans are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Control Beast now increases the Physical and Spell Resistance of the target instead of reducing damage received by the target.
      • Control Beast now more reliably boosts a target’s attributes instead of occasionally making the creature less powerful.
      • Healing Salve now ramps up over time, healing for a large amount if it is not interrupted.
      • Nature’s Swarm now affects a larger area.
      • Summon Beast is now preceded by a cast animation.
    • Vanquisher
      • Javelin can now be reflected.
    • Xivilai
      • Daedra summoned by Summon Daedra now scale with the difficulty, faction, and location of the summoner.  Xivilai are now vulnerable while a summon is active.
      • Empowered Weapon now applies a snare with each quick attack, and also must be recast when it expires.
      • Empowered Weapon now displays visual effects to indicate the Xivilai has empowered its weapon.
      • “Fire Lines” is now named “Hand of Flame” and has a distinct attack pattern.
      • Lightning Grasp will now target you more aggressively.
      • Summon Daedra is now preceded by a cast animation, and now selects from a wider variety of Daedra.
      • Xivilai abilities now cast while silent.
      • Xivilai no longer always open with empowered Weapon.

    World Bosses
    • Bittergreen the Wild, Deshaan
      • Bittergreen now casts Bite.
      • Slightly reduced the damage from Headbutt, and it now has a 4 second cooldown.
      • Fixed an issue where Bittergreen’s tail and backpack would clip through his body.
    • Dayarrus, Bangkorai
      • Summoned Ogrim are now destroyed when combat ends.
    • Doshia, found during the Main Quest, has become stronger.
    • Magdelena, Rivenspire
      • Curse of Terror now causes targets to flee if they are farther than 15m from Magdelena.
      • Reduced the damage from Shadowbolt.
    • Snapjaw, Auridon
      • You’ll now hear a sickening crunch when Rending strikes a target.
    • Thodundor of the Hill, Greenshade
      • Slightly reduced the damage from Thunderous Smash, and it no longer indicates a radius that doesn’t exist.
    • Vulkhel Guard, Auridon
      • The Guild Savant sparring with a target dummy no longer prompts combat music.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Crafting & Economy
    • Crafters rejoice! If you have access to the Craft Bag through ESO Plus, you can now deconstruct items and refine materials even when your inventory is full.
    • The Keen Eye visual effect will now fade out more smoothly when you move out of range of the associated harvest node.
    • Shipments of refined materials from Crafting Writs can now be quickslotted, and appear in the Consumables section of the inventory.
    • Updated the tooltip text on the Ghastly Eye Bowl to properly indicate that it's increasing your Magicka Recovery, not your Stamina Recovery. Eyeballs are not stamina food. Tell your friends.
    • All purple and gold recipes now confirm your intent when you try to destroy them in your inventory.
    • The cooking fire near Donalir in Eyevea can now be used when you are not surrounded by Daedra. It's much safer and easier this way.
    • You will now utilize stolen materials when crafting before consuming materials from the Craft Bag.
    • An ore node north of the Quendeluun Wayshrine in Auridon was previously buried too deep to be seen, but could still be mined. The ore node has now been moved to the surface, where it can be both seen and mined with greater ease.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Orzorga's Red Frothgar to appear twice in the Brew tab of Provisioning stations.
    • Renamed all Motif Books to a new, more compact naming schema. This prevents motif names from being truncated on the item, and standardizes all of their nomenclature. No longer shall some books say "Ch.", while others say "Chapter".
      • For example, “Crafting Motifs 15: Dwemer” will now be “Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer Style”, and “Crafting Motifs 15, Chapter 1: Dwemer Axes” will now be “Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer Axes”.

    • Fixed an issue that caused potions of Vitality or Defile to incorrectly compete with the Minor Protection buff.
    • Fixed an issue that caused crafted Ravage Health poisons to deal roughly twice as much damage as intended over their full duration.
    • Fixed an issue where the tooltip duration for potions would not change after acquiring the "Medicinal Use" passive.
    • Reduced the duration of Major Vitality from potions. The base duration is now 12.5 seconds, down from 47.5 seconds.

    • Psijic Ambrosia and Mythic Aetherial Ambrosia can now be used while moving.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Connoisseur passive from correctly increasing the duration of certain Witches Festival and New Life Festival drinks.
    • Adjusted the Health bonuses for Witches Festival food and drink to ensure they give 10% more Health and Health Recovery than they do the equivalent Stamina or Magicka bonuses.

    Survey Reports
    • Fixed an error preventing Enchanting and Alchemy Survey Reports from being distributed properly, leading to you being consistently sent to single locations.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Crown Store & Crown Crates
    • Crown Experience Scrolls can now be used while moving.
    • Previewing Style Parlor offerings in the Crown Store will now hide any armor, skins, or hats that could otherwise obscure your view.
    • Fixed an issue that caused helms to unintentionally appear in the Crown Store preview for Style Parlor offerings, even when the “Hide Helm” option was selected.
    • Fixed an issue where some Ice Wolf Pups would occasionally have collision.
    • Fixed a keybinding issue that could occur in the Crown Crates menu when toggling Gamepad Mode on and off.
    • The Crown Store will no longer always be locked the first time you open it.
    • Item names from large bundles are now colored to match their quality.

    • Wearing the Black Hand Robe with a hidden helmet will no longer cause Khajiit ears to disappear.
    • Fixed an issue where a seam could be visible on the hind legs of some Senche cubs.
    • The Pocket Mammoth pet will now appear in-view at all times when it should be on screen.
    • Your feet will no longer float while the dro-m’Athra Senche mount first spawns in.
    • Fixed an issue where the floating rocks surrounding the Storm Atronach mounts could visibly pop while idle.
    • Loin cloths will no longer clip through the saddles from bear mounts.
    • The Senche-Lion Cub will no longer become stuck when running in tight circles.
    • Fixed an issue where a pink error message would display after summoning the Baby Netch pet while in combat.
    • Fixed an issue where Pacrooti’s foot could clip through the crate he’s seated on.
    • Fixed an issue where a Crown Crate card would lift up before Pacrooti’s claw touched the deck to deal.
    • Fixed an issue where some eyelashes displayed incorrect textures when worn with a number of helmets.

    • General
      • Fixed an issue where some personalities, such as the Cheerful or Melancholy personality, would interrupt some emotes including /sit and /sitchair.
      • Personalities will now display their idle and navigation in the Crown Store preview UI.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented harvesting props from appearing under certain circumstances with certain personalities.
      • Props will now be properly hidden when harvesting with a Personality equipped.
    • Commander Personality
      • Idle animations will now occur less frequently.
      • You will no longer see your fists while in first-person mode if your weapons are sheathed.
      • Fixed an animation-related issue with Argonian and Khajiit tails when using the /rubhands or /handsonhips emote.
      • Filleting a fish will no longer cause your arms to go through your body while using this personality.
      • Robes will no longer distort while walking with this personality.
    • Drunk Personality
      • Fixed an issue where you would drunkenly refill your cup when using a Soul Gem to revive. Revive first, then refill your cup!
    • Furious Personality
      • Your eyes will now be focused on the front of your head, as they should be, while using this personality.
    • Thief Personality
      • Fixed an issue where your pouch would appear to be floating when pickpocketing an NPC.
      • Idle animations will now occur less frequently.
      • Your head will no longer twitch while walking with this personality active.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Dungeons & Group Content
    • Fixed various locations where you could become stuck in the world.
    • All dungeon-specific abilities will now display a proper icon in the Death Recap.

    • City of Ash I
      • Golor the Banekin Handler will no longer endlessly pursue cowardly player characters.
    • Crypt of Hearts
      • Lover's Torment: Alanwe's soul will now spawn more reliably at the end of the quest.
    • Crypt of Hearts II
      • Ruzozuzalpamaz's Web Wrap now displays a duration under the active effects UI.
    • Fungal Grotto I
      • You will no longer be knocked through the door before it’s opened during the battle with War Chief Ozozai.
      • You can no longer be knocked through the door when fighting Kra’gh the Dreugh King.
    • Selene’s Web
      • The damage from Selene’s Primal Spirit can now be reduced by blocking.
    • Spindleclutch I
      • Deadly Whispers now has a quest marker indicating where you must go to “Silence the Whispers”.
    • Spindleclutch II
      • The Flesh Atronach triplets and Mad Mortine will no longer endlessly pursue cowardly player characters.
    • Tempest Island
      • Gust of Wind is now appropriately named in your active effects UI.
    Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager
    Quests & Zones
    • Many books that were once inaccessible after their associated quests are now able to be found in the world. In addition, you can now read most books while in combat or in stealth.
    • Many NPCs walking on plants and tables have been brought back to solid ground.

    Alik'r Desert
    • Feathered Fiends: Fixed an issue if you spoke to the harpy and took the shortcut back to Kozanset, you would maroon your friends without a harpy to ride back.
    • Rise of the Dead: General Thoda will now remain standing while speaking with you during this quest.

    • Dogs can no longer teleport while chasing cats (much to the disappointment of the dogs).
    • Blessings of the Eight: Igniting the fires will now be more reliable.
    • The Unveiling: Razum-dar will no longer try to walk through doors by mashing his face into it. Silly Khajiit, that's not how doors work.

    • Dayarrus will no longer spawn in the floor.

    • Into the Hills: Renamed the “Bloodthorn Dagger” quest reward to “Bloodthorn Dagger of the Trainee”, as it is part of the Armor of the Trainee set.
    • Unearthing the Past: Fixed an issue where quest hints would tell you to "Retrieve Staff" even though the event was automatic, making the hint moot. Now there is no hint.

    • Between Blood and Bone: You can now use the door to the Coral Tower any time after entering it while still on the quest.
    • Hall of Judgment: Fixed an issue where you could unintentionally avoid aggro during the quest step to defend the Mages.
    • Library of Dusk: You can no longer speak to Raynor Vanos while he is sleeping.
    • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Lockpicks are now available in the quest reward for those that want to start their life of crime early.
    • Special Blend: Nelhilda no longer attempts to stand on the table to make the purifying potion.
    • The Will of the Worm: Thallik's Gem will no longer interfere with jumping while using Gamepad Mode.

    • You will now be able to zoom out from the Outlaw Refuge map in Belkarth.
    • Little Leaf no longer appears in certain areas after leaving.
    • Hall Steward Thais in Craglorn is now officially a "Hall Steward" and not just a "Steward".
    • Elemental Army: Fixed an issue where some VO could not be heard.
    • Skyreach Catacombs: The Fallen Kings event will no longer occasionally reset.
    • The Shattered and Lost: Defeating The Lost One will now consistently progress your quest.

    • Stacking the Odds: The spy associated with this quest will now spawn and advance the quest.
    • Prisoners of War: Captured Rebels are now available for rescuing.

    • The Wounds in the World: Fixed an issue where the Watcher would stop granting credit when killed.
    • Eidolon's Hollow: All groupmates will now be able to enter Eidolon's Hollow as long as someone is on the quest.

    • The War Council: Lord Vurlop will now properly respawn as your follower if your character dies in Fort Amol to guards, gravity, or the sudden onset of extreme old age.

    Fighters Guild
    • Hold the Line: Destroying Dark Anchors can now be shared amongst your group.
    • Prismatic Core: Fixed an issue where there could be two portals going to the same location during this quest.

    • Champion of the Guardians: A Dark Fissure will no longer appear on top of the ritual site.
    • Signals of Dominion: Commander Ammur is no longer the source of the Dominion Messages, as they are now locked away securely inside a chest within his tent. As a result, he will no longer spawn as quickly.

    • Carnival Conundrum: Fixed an issue where there was no map pin for the quest step to take the Akaviri Cultural Infiltration Document.
    • The Innkeeper's Daughter: Fixed an issue where being inside the building Meats, Mimics, and More would not properly direct you out of the door for quest goals.
    • Until Death: Fixed an issue where you could use the dog whistle in a certain spot in Rivenspire. That's way too far away to be useful.

    • Seeks-Better-Deals has gotten rid of her twin, permanently. Now, Seeks-Better-Deals will be available regardless of your quest state in the Shrouded Vale, unless you are in the spirit realm.
    • Magister Marthine Augier is now officially a "Magister" and not a "Guildmagister"—an archaic title that only existed for a brief time within the Mages Guild.
    • Hold the Line: This quest will no longer erroneously display Malabal Tor in the quest journal when referring to Greenshade.
    • Right of Theft: Fixed an issue where compass pins were disappearing when you approached Shadow Rifts.
    • Stone Cold: Indanas no longer repeats the same thing if you run about Shadows Crawl.
    • The Fading Tree: Laniriel will no longer occasionally despawn at the end of this quest.

    Malabal Tor
    • Reap What is Sown: Fixed an issue where you would not receive a door pin over the arena gates when you are asked to leave.
    • Restore the Silvenar: The door pin to Spinner Caerllin's location will no longer vanish upon entering the trunk of the tree where it is located.

    Reaper's March
    • Baan Dar's Bash: Five Finger Chicken Dinners can now be shared amongst your group.
    • Gentle Gardener: Soil Samples and Root Samples can now be shared amongst your group.
    • Questionable Contract: The acquisition of Hoarvor Chitin, Torchbug Thoraxes, and Heartwood can now be shared with group members.
    • The Golden Claw: Rid-Thar-ri'Datta will now properly respawn if he gets stuck for any reason.

    • Darkness Blooms in Rivenspire: Made a clarification in the quest journal that you will not receive credit for killing Fingaenion Forestmasher without eating the moonflowers first.
    • The Emerald Chalice: Lady Laurent will now respawn if you log out at the end of the quest.

    • Readjusted the pins for the Outlaw's Refuge entrance in Davon’s Watch in relation to ground level.
    • Shivering Shrine boss Aurig Mireh will now spawn more reliably.

    The Rift
    • Eat, Drink and Be Merry: You will now remain in a sleeping position until you talk to Darva or abandon the quest.
    • Inflamed Pyres of the Rift: You must now have the pyres lit before defeating Jakalor to progress the quest.
    • Stomping Sinmur:
      • Thalik Wormfather can no longer spawn three copies of himself during the fight with Sinmur.
      • Fixed an issue where you could not kill Sinmur while Thallik Wormfather was alive.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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