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Are there Morrowind Character Slots?

If I purchase Morrowind, will I get additional character slots to use? Or will I have the option of purchasing additional character slots?

I already have 12 characters, almost all with maxxed crafting. I am working on researching traits on the alts, but taking that part slowly since I am 9-trait across the board on my main. However, I am within 20 days of maxing out my rider training on my last four characters. All characters have reached vet status.

I would like to play a warden, but not if I have to give up on six months of progress on my current characters.
  • Tapio75
    Would be reasonable to give one free slot, you can allready buy slots from crown store though.
    >>PC-EU Mostly PVE. Played since BETA<<
  • Alex_Lex
    We need 3 additional hero slots at the very least!
    EU: Beatrice gra-Brog, Rebellie, Yshterie, Jearra , Lirielline
    Christess, Fleuretta, Jubilee Cake, Braviliana, Onyxette
    M'adjirra, Dances-around-Nirn, Nerieth, Estrice, Ann der Wood
    Éternelle, Burns-all-the-babies, Jyggurag
    NA: Dice Twice, Nikka from the barrel
  • Coolits
    Generally in other AAA MMO's if there is a class added in an xpac you get another character slot as part of your purchase so I would like to think this will be the case.
  • Lylith

    no, need at least two, if not three.

    as it stands now, four classes, twelve slots.

    so, five classes, fifteen slots.
  • Tapio75
    One is enough, be subscriber and with 1k crowns a moth, you can get 1 slot at moth. or support the base game and buy crowns its not that much.
    >>PC-EU Mostly PVE. Played since BETA<<
  • ZOS_CoriJ
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