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AU based 'Order of the Star' social guild is recruiting!

  • HomoHominiLupus
    Soul Shriven
    @HomoHominiLupus there's 3 possible reasons you were removed from the guild, which I'll outline here for the interest of others to knkow as well.
    1. You were offline for 21+ days and removed as inactive
    2. You had your status set to 'offline' for 21+ days and were removed as inactive
    3. New members have 30 days to be 'active' in the guild by either buying a raffle ticket or introducing themselves in our Discord, or they're removed as inactive
    However, I've sent you an invite to rejoin us. Welcome back :)

    @followercredo your invite is in the mail. Welcome to the guild :)

    I see. In regards to criteria 1 and 2, how do you know if your status has been set to offline accidentally? Is there an invisible feature? It's because I was offline only for 2-3 days and still managed to relog every now and then.

    Maybe I just haven't met the third criteria.

    edit: Anyways, thank you!
    Edited by HomoHominiLupus on January 22, 2019 11:49AM
  • sam.gilliesrwb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hey there

    I’m a returning player living in Sydney. Saw the Guild on Pleased to see such a large Guild based in AU.

    Please send an invite:


  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Deadlee80 welcome to the guild :)
  • bridgesm
    Soul Shriven
    I'm a fairly new player (since 12/18) and my 1st character is a level 226 Templar. I'm looking to join a Guild for company, learning, trade (I have several complete 50/160 sets plus epic items) and doing group delves. I've tried accessing you via 'Chat', but am not having much luck. Pls advise what I need to do to join your Guild? Thx... Mike
  • AlanTheStarLord
    bridgesm wrote: »
    Pls advise what I need to do to join your Guild?

    Let me know what your ingame @username is and I can send you an invite
  • alison22000
    Is this Guild still active. I didn’t know there was any Australian guilds. Please send friend request to alison22000 before any messages can be sent. I’d like to communicate beforehand as I’m limited guild spots. Thank You.
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @alison22000 if you want to join the Order of the Star, let me know and I'll send you an invite
  • alison22000
    Which platform and server are you on. I found your link on an internet search, so it isn’t showing me here.
  • AlanTheStarLord
    If you look at the top of the page you'll see it's PC/Mac - NA
  • Brad522
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, returning player from quite a while ago I would love to join an AU guild name is @Brad522

  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Brad522 your invite has been sent, welcome to the guild :)
  • Webferret
    Soul Shriven

    Wife and I have came from that "other other" MMO that shall not be named to play ESO (What a breathe of fresh air - Even Subbed day 1 we are that impressed with the quality of ESO), We are Aussies looking to find a Guild to call home. We are Daggerfall Covenant Faction if that's OK with your guild would love to be part of it. Though we are brand new players as of 2 days ago so learning everything ESO.

    @Webferret is myself
    @lisacotter is my wife

    We would both love an invite if possible (Faction dependent if applicable)
    Death is but a journey to the next life, My sword and shield have helped many achieve this!
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @lisacotter and @Webferret welcome to the guild :)
  • Delekii
    Hello, I'm interesting in finding some Aussies to play with and get some tips from! I'm finally enjoying the game after a few previous false starts, but my highest character is still only 28 or so.

    @Delekii is (I believe?) my username.
  • kirstie20plus
    Hiya :) I'd love to join! I've just come back to the game (real life got in the way, I'm ok now ^^) and would love to play with more Aussies :D My current friends list is all offline for a very long time (months and years inactive :( )

    @kirstie20plus is my ingame @ thingy :)
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @kirstie20plus and @Delekii welcome to the guild :)
  • Althanear
    Soul Shriven
    New to ESO and looking for some AUTZ people to play with and maybe even help me learn what I need.

  • GotAnItch
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join.

    Thank you.
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Althanear and @GotAnItch welcome to the guild :)
  • blackmamba24
    Hey I'm old player getting back into game. Cp 810 I have dps heal and tank. I was wondering if i could get invite @bl7ckmamba24
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @blackmamba24 welcome back, and welcome to the guild. Your invite has been sent :)
  • anonymoosebrony
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Alan,

    If the guild is still around and active, I'd love an invite @anonymoosebrony
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @anonymoosebrony welcome to the guild :)
  • Opportunistic_Merc
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Alan,

    Can't seem to find you to DM in game.
    I'm looking for an AUS based guild since all mine are all from NA and i actually want a good group of easy going people who operate on a similar time zone.

    Running on Perth time though..
  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Opportunistic_Merc what's your in-game @username and I'll send you an invite :)
  • stormhalzen
    Soul Shriven
    looking for guild that operate in AU time zone. Would love to join.

  • AlanTheStarLord
    @stormhalzen invite sent, welcome to the guild :)
  • Oddjob89
    Soul Shriven
    hi, i'm looking for some fellow aussies to play with :smile:

  • AlanTheStarLord
    @Oddjob89 welcome to the guild :)
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Recruitment is still open. Get in touch with me if you want to join us :)
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