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AU based 'Order of the Star' social guild is recruiting!

  • chrisrnzrwb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven

    I'm a New Zealand player and I'd love an invite please. My in-game name is @ChrisRNZ.

    I'm level 50 with 32 champion points, I've just been soloing things but it would be nice to be in a guild.

    Kind regards,

  • AlanTheStarLord
    We're still recruiting, so get in touch with @AlanTheStarLord in-game
    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on March 28, 2017 10:47AM
  • BeanbagsMcBean
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, Aussie based player here....keen to join an aussie guild, its lonely out there !



  • AlanTheStarLord
    done, and thanks for joining!
  • AlanTheStarLord
    On another note, the Order of the Star is expanding. We've started a sister guild called Lions of the Star, dedicated to those members of the Order who want to engage in PVP for the Daggerfall Covenant (DC). They can join the Lions and PVP for DC. Since the Order is mostly Aldmeri Dominion (AD), it makes sense for us to expand our interests to cater for those who want to PVP but have DC characters. We intend doing the same to create a dedicated AD PVP guild, as well as for the Ebonheart Pact (EP).

    If you want to be part of our social guild AND part of our expanded PVP activities, get in touch with me! You'll be welcome :)
    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on March 28, 2017 10:47AM
  • Suomynona
    Soul Shriven
    Have tried to message, but get 'account not found'. :(

  • AlanTheStarLord
    I'll send you an invite, thanks
  • BooBooKitty
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I am interested in joining the guild, may I have an invite please? Thanks!!

  • AlanTheStarLord
    Hi, I am interested in joining the guild, may I have an invite please? Thanks!!
    Welcome to the guild :smile:

    We're at 484 members right now. Get in touch if you want to get in before recruitment is suspended for a while. Thanks for your interest!
    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on February 3, 2017 3:42AM
  • Elvendar
    Soul Shriven
    Hey if you still have room, I've been looking for a AU guild for ages... Please send invite...

  • AlanTheStarLord
    Invite sent, thanks!
  • methosreborn
    Soul Shriven
    Hay there,

    Aussie here in Brissy would love to join, I am a returning player after a looooooong time off (since beta)

    looks me up


  • AlanTheStarLord
    hi @methosreborn , I've logged out of the game for the night. Please send an in-game email to @AlanTheStarLord to request membership and I'll send you an invite tomorrow afternoon (I'm in Canberra).
    Edited by AlanTheStarLord on March 28, 2017 10:48AM
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Yes, we're still open for recruitment, if any of you are interested. I've been a bit quiet while I've been decorating the guild house, but it's looking good now! And I can get back to the rest of the game...
  • Thunder_Downunder
    Love to grab an invite please @Sir_Hacksalot
  • dazt
    Another Aussie here who played in beta, stayed a few month after launch and have just recently started playing again and started a fresh new character.

    Would love an invite to the guild.

  • AlanTheStarLord
    Invites sent, thanks :)
  • keefamrwb17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Aussie here,
    Returning after a long time. Would like an invite to the guild pls. Thanks.

  • Redbacc
    Soul Shriven
    Returning Aussie player that would love an invite.

  • AlanTheStarLord
    invites sent, thanks guys
  • criedy
    Soul Shriven
    I'd love to join if there's still room. Aussie based player still levelling up my first character in AD, @RiedyC
  • AlanTheStarLord
    there's still room. Invite sent :)
  • AzureAmethyst
    Soul Shriven
    Aussie player interested in joining @AzureAmethyst
  • AlanTheStarLord
    done :)
  • mangyrich
    Soul Shriven
    Hey Aussie player too, @mangyrich <3 super keen
  • DefaultTopOption
    Soul Shriven
    Love to join! @DefaultTopOption
  • AlanTheStarLord
    Invites sent, welcome to the Order
  • spartn99
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Mate,

    Can I please join, I am really interested. :smile:


  • AlanTheStarLord
    invite sent, thanks :)
  • SimeonTregarth
    Hello, I would love to join. I live in the USA, east coast (please don't hold that against me!) but I mostly play during the daytime here which I believe would be evening/night down under.
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